Why Your Real Property Report in Calgary Might Get Rejected?

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A Real Property Report is usually a very long and complex process.

It consists of all the major details about a property and hence has to be quite detailed. That is why it is important to get a Real Property Report right, before submitting it to the local government for approval.

However, there are scenarios where they might get rejected. So, why do RPRs get rejected? Let’s find out more.

Common Reasons For Getting a Rejection on A Real Property Report
There could be a variety of reasons why a real property report may be rejected and it can vary from one report to another, depending on the property. Some common reasons for RPR rejection include the following:

1. The property in question may not meet the requirements for a real property report, such as being a single-family residence or having a certain number of units.

2. The report may not have been completed properly by the surveying team and might have errors such as omitting required information at places.

3. The report may not have been submitted in a timely manner or may not have been submitted to the correct local government body

4. The property may have changed significantly since the report was completed. In such cases, the changes need to be reflected on the RPR.

It is important to carefully review the requirements for a real property report and ensure that the report is completed accurately and promptly in order to avoid rejection from the local government body.

What Are The Next Steps After Receiving a Rejection Letter?
In cases where there is a discrepancy noted in a Real Property Report, during the compliance review stage, the report has a chance of getting rejected. The RPR is considered non-compliant if it doesn’t follow any Land Use Bylaws.

The letter of rejection usually mentions the structures, if any, that are in violation of the bylaws.

However, in cases of receiving a rejection on an RPR, it certainly isn’t the last chance. Every rejection letter received by the owners also has the option to apply for a relaxation application to the local government.

This application is essentially a contract that is made between the owner of a property and the local government allowing the structure in question to remain on the property. However, the relaxation application is an additional procedure and might take some additional time too, which can stand anywhere between 1 to 2 months.

After the Bylaw, the application is approved, and the relaxation is in place, the permit for the structure stays with the City forever and does not require relaxation again.

Another way to get the RPR submitted again is to remove the structure in question, and apply for compliance again. In case the re-application is made within six months of the first application, there are no additional fees involved for the same.

Conclusion: Getting The Professionals For a Real Property Report in Calgary
Property is an important part of any owner’s life. There is a lot of hard work and effort that goes behind building a piece of property, and a Real Property Report acts as a certificate of guarantee that everything on the property is correct and within regulations.

It is important, that while getting a Real Property Report prepared, the owners consider the importance of their properties and get the best surveyors to get their RPRs done.

Professionals such as Core Geomatics design property reports that consist of all the vital information pertaining to a property and can help an owner make an informed decision. They get in-depth detail on every aspect of the property so that whether it’s an owner, buyer, or any other stakeholder, they can refer to the same for every piece of information.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics to get a Real Property Report prepared.

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