A Comprehensive guide about living in Basel – Landschaft

by Hassan Abbas

One of the hardest parts about relocating to Basel is finding a place to call home once you get there. The first thing you will need to do is figure out the city’s 19 neighbourhoods and investigate what they have to offer in terms of housing, transit, career prospects, and of course, entertainment. Pre-move exploration of these locations will undoubtedly enhance your experience once you settle in Basel. So, to get you started, this article will give you an idea of what it’s like to live in Basel and show you where to start looking for an apartment. It will tell you where to look for an apartment,  which neighbourhoods are worth looking at and which you should avoid).

Know about Life in Basel Landschaft

  • Culture and the arts thrive in Basel. The city is rich in history, art, and classical music, with over 30 museums and a wide variety of musical ensembles.
  • In addition to its many businesses, the city is home to a lively nightlife. Participating in the yearly Rheinschwimmen or attending the Basler Fasnacht will give you a taste of what it’s like to live like a native in Basel.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual to pay for his or her own health insurance in Basel, as it is across Switzerland. Although no insurer can legally reject your coverage for essential medical needs, those seeking more extensive policies may be denied due to pre-existing diseases. Hence, it is essential to use  TipTop – Health Insurance Comparison and PrimApp – Health Insurance comparison in Switzerland. Both TipTop and PrimApp are the most popular tool online for health insurance comparison. Comparison on Tiptop and PrimApp is easy and quick.
  • Whether you need access to a general practitioner, a specialist, or the international patient service at Basel’s University Hospital, you’ll find what you’re looking for among Basel’s many healthcare facilities. Health Insurance providers might also help you in this scenario. However, to get the right price and know which health insurance will be suitable in Basel Landschaft for your needs, you can use a health insurance comparison tool.
  • Children in Basel must attend school from the age of four until they are fifteen. This includes two years of Kindergarten, six years of primary school, and three years of secondary school.

Economics in Basel Landschaft

Basel was an important centre of trade and culture throughout the Renaissance. However, it has progressed significantly since then, and is now a major hub for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In reality, modern-day visitors recognise the city as the location of the international headquarters of well-known pharmaceutical firms like Novartis, Roche, and Bayer. Moreover, European financial institutions like the Baloise Group and Allianz find the city to be an attractive location.

Location on the Rhine River has guaranteed Basel a prosperous commercial sector and port since the city’s earliest days. Companies like DHL have set up offices in the city because of its convenient access to both air and train travel. Basel’s location and linkages also make it a popular site for conferences and exhibits like Art Basel and the Longines CSI Basel.

The residents of Basel are reaping the rewards of the city’s recent economic success. The city has been doing so well that its growth rates have consistently been reported as being significantly higher than the norm for all of Switzerland.

Finding Residence in Basel

A relocation specialist is essential because they can offer you a wide variety of rental options in different places and work to “position” you in a neighbourhood that meets your specific requirements. You can choose to travel to either France (which is highly well-liked by Britons) or Germany (which is not), both of which are worthy of exploration.

The downsides of Swiss life are numerous, and you’ll soon hear this theme echo like a Greek chorus. There is a severe lack of homes, therefore most families have to rent an apartment in the initial stage. A contemporary “row home” (terraced house) with a garden of your own may be had for a reasonable price, but they sell like hotcakes. 

There is a wide variety of spacious apartments to choose from, and most of them have immaculate common areas like manicured gardens and playgrounds. Every neighbourhood also has easy access to a grocery and a public school (a Swiss federal institution of education).

Suburbs, especially more affluent and greener ones, have a reassuringly retro air since it is common to see kids of all ages coming to and from school alone and playing together unattended. One can easily avail loan through Credit Loan provider in Switzerland to establish a Residential property in Switzerland.

Other Important information about Accommodation in Basel

Bachletten has a wide variety of lodging options, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Expats contemplating a move to Basel will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of housing alternatives available in this area. There are many stately homes in more tranquil places, making them ideal for expat families. To give you an idea, a five-bedroom apartment in Switzerland will run you about CHF 4,000 per month.

Know about the Swiss Health Insurance Legal Obligations

Those planning to stay in Switzerland for more than three months are required by law to obtain medical insurance, often from a local provider. Some people are exempt from this rule of law, including international students studying in Switzerland. Expats in Basel, Switzerland, are unlikely to be affected by these situations. Therefore, you and your family need to select a healthcare plan within three months of your arrival. Remember that individual policies will be required for all members of the family.

Daily Travelling in Basel 

There is no better place than Basel to experience city life. As a matter of fact, the location is conveniently located near several stops along the Basel tram system, making it quick and simple to reach the heart of the city. However, if you’d rather not take a taxi, you can walk to the Altstadt in under 30 minutes.

Language in Basel

Some worry that language barriers will be an issue for them if they relocate to Basel. Despite the fact that English is not one of the country’s official languages, German, French, Italian, and Romansh are, Swiss German, or Schweizerdeutsch (imagine German with a Dutch accent), is widely spoken across Switzerland. Baslers, on the other hand, are a remarkable species of polyglots, and the vast majority of city dwellers who work in commerce, hospitality, medicine, and the like are fluent in not only German but in English and French.


In conclusion, Life in Basel-Landschaft is great and if you are relocating there keep in mind the afore-mentioned information to make your relocation a smooth and streamlined process. 

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