How Much Does It Cost to Build a PC? The Complete Guide!

How Much Does It Cost To Build A PC? The Complete Guide

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Many people and content creators are suckered into gaming PCs these days because of their power and capabilities. Software developers can increase productivity as well. These computers are powerful and feature great compatibility.

What you need for a PC will be the same whether you’re building one for an office or for playing games. There are numerous items you will need including a motherboard, CPU (central processing unit), storage and memory, power supply, case, and monitor. In an office setting, the GPU (graphical processing unit) may not be so important, but it is important for editing and playing back images and videos. It can be quite expensive to buy a good gaming PC, but there are still options that do not empty your bank account. In order to build it, we will need several parts, so let’s examine them all together.

As a first step, make sure to establish the budget limit and the performance level you expect from the system. It usually costs between $800 and $1,200 to build a gaming rig. On the other hand, if you wish to run a game with over 60 frames per second on ultra-settings, you would need to spend upward of $2,000.


An integrated circuit, or processor, is a component that controls computer calculations. Computers are powered by this component. This is one of the soul components of your computer, as it is found directly on the motherboard. The price should, however, not be excessively high. Let’s discuss this later. In order to keep a computer functioning at its top, a good processor is vital. You should not skimp when purchasing a CPU.

There are some poorly optimized games, which makes them difficult to run on a range of PCs. You can expect to pay about $200 to $300 for a processor, but AMD processors are usually more affordable than Intel processors. A powerful CPU can run nearly anything for many years.

Graphics Card

The graphics processing unit (GPU, also known as a graphics card), with which you plan to play games, will be required on this PC. Video and image editing are also performed, along with a host of graphics functions. Displaying games on a screen with graphic cards is also possible. Modern games of this era cannot be played without a GPU.

One of the most expensive components of your computer will be the graphics card. There are two ways to purchase a graphics card: for $100 or for $1200. The latest AAA games usually require a few of the latest graphics cards that can be purchased. You can choose either the RX 580 or the GTX 1070 if you’re an entry-level gamer. A 5700 XT or RTX 2080 Super can be had for under $700 if your budget does not matter.

Regardless of the card, you will be able to play the most recent titles, but you’ll have to pay for the long run. AMD RX 580 and GTX 1070 should be able to support new games for quite some time while RTX 2080 super should last for many years.

Power Supply

Between $25 and $40 is a reasonable price for a cheap one. You’ll find some decent options from name brands at this price point. A good power supply costs between $40 and $150. You should go towards the higher end of this range for serious gaming, as the lower end will be adequate for casual gaming.


Gaming PCs cannot function without their motherboards. There are many modules in your computer, such as your graphics card, CPU, and memory. When planning your budget, it will be very critical to understand how much a motherboard is worth and what you can buy at each price point. You will learn how much a typical motherboard costs in this segment.

Among all of the options available, the motherboard is the most important. It also determines what other components can be included in the PC, including its built-in size and layout. For instance, a motherboard makes it possible for a processor to be installed and memory technology (DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, etc.) to be used.

The motherboard determines these things. Would you call it a budget or mid-range motherboard, or is it going to be the very top of the line? In the case of a secondhand item, its price will differ from a firsthand item. If you compare AMD 760 boards with low-end boards, you might pay $25 or more for the AMD 760 motherboard. You can expect to pay around USD $90 for a mid-range motherboard like the Intel B85.


It is important to treat RAM carefully since it is a sensitive medium. The use of communication anchors under every condition should be avoided. There is a RAM space adjacent to the CPU on any motherboard. According to your motherboard manual, you will have different RAM spaces available for different sticks.

During the processing of your programs, your RAM stores data. In addition to the Windows 10 operating system, low-end PCs will cost around $600. You must, however, take into account what games you’re playing as well as what frame rate and resolution you’re shooting for.


SSDs use flash memory as the primary storage medium; however, in modern computer systems, SSDs also work as secondary storage devices. In terms of SSD drives, Samsung’s 970 Evo Plus is one of the most exciting options available. You will use your hard drive to store your files. Solid-state drives or hard drives store the data. SSDs can store up to six times more data than HDDs but are 90 times faster and are usually more efficient than HDDs (in GB). SSDs would usually be faster when compared to HDDs (in GB).

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Last but not least, your PC will need a case. In addition to being known as a computer case, a computer chassis or tower is that component of a computer that houses most of its components. The purpose of a computer case is twofold. These boxes contain your components, and then they create an environment for cooling. 

Having intake and exhaust fans in a case, for example, ensures directional airflow that will blow air directly over the memory modules and the motherboard, as well as over the GPU (graphics card), which disperses heat from your hardware. Thus, you will know what type of case you will need. Prices may range between $150 and $450.

PC installation at an affordable price

Components for a computer may cost you different amounts. It’s important to compare the performance of a store-bought laptop or desktop with what you can get from building your own. You will need to spend more money if you want the best performance on every component of your PC. Memory and SSDs cost more than old CPUs, and CPUs with a higher speed cost more than those with a reduced speed.

Generally, you will need to budget at least $800 for your gaming PC in order to effectively play modern PC games. In light of that, if you’re looking to play the latest games, then $400 will be sufficient to get you what you want. When building your own gaming PC, you can save on storage and memory, which make up much of the total cost of the computer. With the increase in storage, the price of SSDs and RAM increases.


Many factors influence the cost of building a PC. As two computer makes with precisely the same components are rare, there is no single answer.

It is possible to build a computer for less than $300 if you plan on browsing the internet. There is a wide range in price for gaming computers – if you’re on a budget, $1,000 is a great place to start. The cost can vary greatly, up to $4000 or more. You, as the user, decide what you want.

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