ReactJS Is Popular, But Is it Right For Your Start-up Business? 

ReactJS Is Popular, But Is it Right For Your Start-up Business? 

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If you’re wondering why most start-ups are switching to ReactJS website development, this is your sign to think of its benefits, and opportunities it provides. New tools and frameworks are released with varied features and libraries to choose from, making it challenging to find the best for your business operations.

Although many developers choose AngularJS as their default choice for start-ups, after Facebook and Instagram built ReactJS, it has become the most popular choice. But, what is ReactJS, why should you choose it for your business’s better prospects, and which other brands are using it? Let’s find the answers here.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS or React is an open-source, free, declarative, component-based, flexible, and efficient JavaScript framework. It helps develop interactive user interfaces and create a simple, fast, and scalable front-end web application.

ReactJS have taken the world of front-end development by storm, and according to the reports, 10,418,34 websites are currently using it. With that being said, ReactJS surely offers something extraordinary, which we will figure out in the next part.

What are the benefits of ReactJS?

Let’s look into the advantages of ReactJS to understand the technology throughout:

  • ReactJS consists of component-based infrastructure, which allows developers to create encapsulated components to manage their state and build them into complex user interfaces.
  • Being declarative, it makes easier for the developers to develop an interactive UI for the web application. Using React, you can design simple views for every state of the web app which gets automatically updated and rendered with every change in the data.
  • The declarative view makes easy code debugging
  • Using Node, React can render on the server effectively
  • Automatic batching in React helps to group multiple state updates into one re-render that improves its overall performance
  • The basic structure of React enables minimal making it user-friendly
  • Developers can re-use the code components while working with ReactJS. It helps in reducing the time and effort put into developing high-performance web applications
  • The virtual DOM of React allows users to create an in-memory data structure cache, and state the differences in the resolution.
  • By employing ReactJS website development, users can manipulate the designing features and key interface flows.
  • Abstraction is crucial for object-oriented programming, which allows developers to hide background information.
  • It allows developers to focus on component life cycles, props, and states
  • It offers robust community support where various developers contribute to make this library more powerful.

When to use ReactJS?

Now, let’s quickly find out the best-case scenarios to use React:

  • Large-scale enterprise web apps: It allows developers to reuse components while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Single page application: JavaScript files get downloaded from the static server and interpreted by the browser to generate an HTML structure. If you need server-side rendering, use Next.js as an advanced React framework.
  • Native application: When you hire ReactJS developers, they need to write separate code bases for various platforms, which gets solved by creating a JavaScript app and compiling them into the native code.
  • Web apps that require dynamic page updates: For web applications with various dynamic components that change based on user interactions, ReactJS is an amazing tool for automatic updates.
  • Complex UIs: If your web application has a complex user interface, the component-based architecture can get highly effective. React enables the reusability of components, using it for developing complex UI web applications.
  • Progressive web apps: A progressive web app works both online & offline, which can have access to the device’s capabilities and provide native features to its end-users.


Great companies and brands like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more chose to React as their ideal platform for web applications. So, what are you waiting for? Get help from the best ReactJS website development company like us, and we shall guide you with the best app solutions.

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