How to Get Clay in Minecraft PS4, Xbox and PC in 2021?

How To Get Clay In Minecraft? Everything You Need To Know

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Clay In Minecraft

Clay is one of the essential ingredients that you’ll need in the game of Minecraft at some point, and you’ll need it quite often. You may have some difficulty locating or crafting some of these materials. In this article you will learn how to get clay in Minecraft.

A clay block would be at the top of your list of the most useful materials in Minecraft. Probably the most common use of clay is in making blocks and Terracotta, but it can also be used for designs and decorations. Usually, clay is found in areas that have a combination of sand, water, and dirt. Minecraft players can easily find these locations near-desert bio-mes and near lakes. Slender bodies of water containing clay are also easily accessible. There is a possibility that players can run into the clay while mining near shallow water.

The following are 4 steps to getting clay in Minecraft:

A shovel is the fastest way to mine clay blocks, but anything can be used. When you destroy a clay block, 4 clay balls are created. In the case of a broken tool enchanted with Silk Touch, it falls to the ground instead. Using a tool enchanted with Fortune to destroy a clay block will not increase the amount of clay dropped.

Clay is easily obtained through mining with a shovel in Minecraft. It can be mined under lakes and rivers. The quickest way to mine it is with a shovel, similar to dirt. However, even though it looks like a clay block, you need to mind it in order to harden it. Here are the steps to obtain clay in Minecraft:

Step 1: Locate Where Clay Is

It is important to find out where clay is located first. Fortunately, clay is easy to locate. Underwater, clay is found most commonly in swamps, beaches, and oceans, as well as in shallow, crystal-shaped disks at the bottom of rivers and lakes.

Step 2: Pick a shovel for digging clay

Clay needs to be dug and picked up with a shovel, as we mentioned briefly. There are a total of six types of shovels that can be selected, including this iron shovel, this golden shovel, this diamond shovel, this Netherite shovel, and this wooden shovel. You can choose whichever one you want.

Step 3: Dig Clay Location

Depending on the version of Minecraft that you are playing, you have to dig up and use the appropriate controls. Let’s see which controls for different platforms there are.

  • PS3 and PS4 users should hold the R2 button for a few seconds.
  • The PE requires tapping and holding the block of clay.
  • If you are using Java Edition (PC/Mac), hold the mouse button on the clay block.
  • To use the Nintendo Switch controller, press and hold the ZR button.
  • Windows 10 Edition users should right-click the block of clay and hold it.
  • The RT button on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One is pressed and held.
  • On the Wii U game-pad, press and hold the ZR button.
  • Click the clay block in Education Edition and hold it.

Step 4: Quickly Pick Clay

To finish, choose clear as soon as possible before it disappears. Congratulations, you have clay. If the player is lucky, the player will find clay inside the chests throughout the world of Minecraft. Just walking around the Minecraft world will allow players to find clay inside a chest inventory. A chest can be found in a village, cave, ravine, dungeon, the Nether, etc. What is inside a chest can be put into the player’s inventory.

Clay Location in Minecraft: Where to Get Clay

The clay found underwater is most commonly found in swamps, beaches, oceans, and at the bottom of rivers and lakes as flat, crystal-like disks, regardless of their proximity to other types of blocks. Clay generates in mud houses across the plains, savannas, and deserts, as well as under fishermen’s houses in the taiga. A large amount of clay accumulates on the floor of cave ponds.

Mineral veins may be formed in lush caves as a result of the formation of clay. It generates 15 times per chunk for veins ranging in size from 0-160 and at elevations ranging from 0 to 60. Stone, diorite, andesite, and granite can be replaced with Minecraft clay. ‌

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In Minecraft, clay is used as a building material

Clay is one of the most commonly used items in the game, as we mentioned in the second paragraph. The most common uses for clay are making blocks and Terracotta, but it isn’t all about those – designs and decorations are part of it as well. If you mine clay, you need to put all the blocks at the bottom left corner of the crafting inventory slots to get the blocks back.

Terracotta can be dyed after being smelted from the block. Learn more about clay’s many uses here. Islands are commonly found to have clay on their coasts. Currently, the island is on the verge of disappearing into water and is about to be cut off. It is commonly found around these areas that clay can be found.

It is most commonly found beneath the ocean, on beaches, and at the bottom of rivers and lakes, where it forms shallow, crystal-shaped disks, regardless of its proximity to other types of blocks. In the savanna, desert, and plains villages, as well as in taiga communities, clay may be found under fisher cottages. In lush caves, clay forms large accumulations on pond floors. This can only happen if you enable the Caves & Cliffs experimental gameplay toggle in Java Edition, or if the Buffet world type is selected in Bedrock Edition.


In Minecraft, clay is not used for a lot of things. By smelting clay inside a furnace, it can be transformed into terracotta. It is possible to build stuff with decoration using terracotta blocks.

Clay can also be used to make bricks. It is possible to build your own house and save your spawn point using these bricks in Minecraft.

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