Water Damage

Why Does Your House or Business Have Water Damage?

by Hooria Batool

Last Updated on April 29, 2024 by Jawad Ali

Water is very precious for people as it offers an endless number of benefits to make life easy and comfortable. But this precious element called water can be dangerous if it changes its path . For example, inside the walls, ceilings, basement, and many more areas due to water damage in the home. When water damage occurs, it affects the building or property in many ways, and you need to call the water damage repair Huntington Beach professional for the repair.

Apart from affecting the home or property, it also puts the health and safety of the family members at risk. That’s it is very essential to take action as soon as possible at the moment you spot the signs of water damage. So, before putting some light on the causes of water damage, let’s talk about the signs that indicate there is water damage at home.

Signs of water damage at home

  • You can see visible wet spots on various parts of the home
  • The walls of the home begin to crack
  • The paint of the property starts bubbling
  • You will hear running water inside the home walls
  • High utility bills
  • A damp scent or musty odour will come from the home
  • Signs of mold and mildew
  • The home roofs or door frames will leak

Causes of water damage

The problem of water damage can happen anytime without offering any alarm. Because of this reason, this issue is quite irritating for the homeowners. So let’s discuss the typical reasons for water damage in your home: –

  1. leaky water pipes:

If you are living in an area where winters are severely chilly, then surely the pipes will freeze over and finally burst. This problem is very common in certain types of pipes like water sprinkler lines, swimming pools or pipes having less insulation. So, if you notice the temperature is going down, ensure to protect your pipes from bursting.

You can do this by insulating the pipes with the help of heat tape or pipe sleeves which is readily available from any home improvement store. Moreover, also open kitchen and bathroom doors so that warm air is circulating inside them.

  • Due to severe weather

There are various types of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc., that surely don’t come every day, but when they come, they can damage property. However, if there is strong wind and heavy rainfall, it can damage the roof, and rainwater will come inside your home and water damage will occur.

Apart from that, in case of flash floods, your whole property will face excess damage.

  • Due to leaking pipes

Almost every part of your home has water pipelines, and if any of the connecting pipes gets loose, the water will seep inside the walls and foundation of the home. Apart from that, sometimes your home faucets start leaking due to various problems.

The leakage inside the walls can indeed cause massive damage and also welcome mold and mildew if not attended to on time. If you talk about the worst, the leaking water will go inside the foundation of the home, and if this happens, the cost of repair will be relatively high, which will make a hole in your pocket.

  • Ageing water heater

These days almost every home has a water heater to take a hot shower and to do various household chores. But if you want to run efficiently ensure to maintain it. According to water damage restoration Huntington Beach, the typical lifespan of a water heater is around 10 -12 years if you take care of it properly. If not, it will wear out in between 5 to 6 years.

However, if your water heater is old, it will indeed offer some or the other issue frequently, and at last, you have to replace it. But if you don’t replace the system, it starts leaking due to mold, corrosion, rust, etc. Ignoring this problem will cost you high as water will start going inside your walls, and at last, the walls will start showing signs of weakness.

  1. Electrical appliance leakage

There are many household electrical appliances that need water to work. In this case, if any of the supply lines of the unit start leaking, the home will flood within no time. This problem is very common if the supply line is rubber or PVC.

Moreover, if you haven’t attended to this problem on time and turned off the main water power, the issue of water damage will cause excessive damage to your home.

  • Sewer lines back up

The problem of backup sewer lines is a very common issue in many homes, which occurs due to heavy rainfall or due to blockage. But if you don’t call a professional as soon as possible to fix this problem, it will surely spread harmful contaminants in your home, which is unhealthy for the family.

Apart from that, this sewer line issues can also welcome water damage if not attended to on time. So, if the home faces such issues, call the water damage repair Lake Forest professional immediately to deal with the problem. 

  • Condensation from the AC

The AC will produce condensation, which drips from the evaporator coil and go out through the drain pan out of the property. This process will go fine until the drainage unit is not damaged. In short, over time the condensate drain line can get blocked with dirt.

Due to this issue, the water will remain inside the AC and drip on the floor and seep inside the wall, which can cause water damage issues if not fixed on time.

The bottom line

Through this post, you gotta know why does your house or business have water damage? So, it is recommended by professionals to inspect your home regularly to prevent the issues of water damage. However, if you see any water damage which we have discussed above, ensure to call the water damage restoration Huntington Beach professional as soon as possible to fix the issue.

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