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Let me briefly explain what you will see. After we have covered booting, we will go on to the BIOS and Boot Menu. Next will be how to access Asus laptop Boot Menu.

What is Booting?

After pressing power, Booting takes place. It involves loading memory into your central processing unit (CPU).

Which Boot Menu is it?

In the intro, we saw a glimpse of the boot menu. This allows you to choose how you want your operating systems to be accessed.

What is BIOS and how can I access it?

A basic input/output program, the BIOS, is what the microprocessor runs to turn the computer on when it is turned on. The BIOS controls data flow between all hardware, including keyboards and mice.

Hold down the power button, and simultaneously press the F2 Key.

What is Boot Sequence.

This Boot Order (also known as the boot sequence) allows the computer to inspect all devices on which operating system boot files are stored. These settings can be used for changing the Boot Order.

Where can I find the boot menu for my Asus Laptops?

1. Once your laptop has turned on, press the F8 Key on the Keyboard.

2. The arrow keys can be used to navigate to the right boot options. Before you exit the boot menu, save your settings.

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The F12 menu is This allows you to access the Boot menu from your computer using the F12 Key.

1. To get to the boot menu, press the F8 key simultaneously on your keyboard.

2. You can navigate to the Main Menu tab using the right arrow keys.

3 To access the F12 bootmenu, click the down arrow.

4 Click Enter to switch between Disabled and Enabled.

5. Save and close the boot menu.

Asus Boot using USB

Hard disk is the default boot order for any laptop. You will need to set the BIOS boot priority to USB.

Can I change the boot order?

1. Turn off your laptop.

2. Once your laptop/PC is turned on, you can press the F2 Key simultaneously.

3. Navigate using the Arrow keys to the Boot Menu tab.

4. Move the priority order in the boot by using the up/down key.

5. Exit the setup utility.

Re: How can I boot from USB

You can now boot from USB using these steps.

1. Install the USB drive on your Asus laptop.

2. To view the BIOS Menu, turn on the laptop and press the F2 Key simultaneously.

3. Navigate your boot order, then make the USB priority on the boot priority tables.

4. Restore changes and exit BIOS.

Asus Secure Boot

  • Secure Boot provides protection for your laptops against malware and unauthorized media file when they start up.
  • Secureboot is a feature that allows only authorized operating systems to be installed on your PC.
  • You can enable/disable secure boot using BIOS settings.


1. Turn off your Asus laptop.

2. Now turn it on. Keep pressing F2 for the BIOS.

3. The arrow keys can be used to navigate to Security.

4. Use down arrow keys to select Set Supervisor password. Finally, hit Enter.

5. Please enter your password and press Enter.

6. Select Boot by clicking on the right Arrow Key.

7 Select Secure boot by clicking the down-arrow key. Hit Enter.

8. Disable and press Enter

9. Click on yes by pressing F10.

2021 ASUS laptops boot from USB

ASUS laptops like the Zenbook Prime series, Zenbook Prime and K Series are great computers to use in combination with a USB operating systems.

This procedure can be used on most Asus laptops, from 2010 to the present.1) Turn off your computer. Unplug the usb-boot drive.

2) When you turn on your computer, a black message will appear on your screen: ‘Press__ for setup’

It should be either DEL (or F2) for an Asus laptop.3) Use your cursor keys, go to BOOT. The UEFI setting should then be changed from Disabled to Bios/Legacy mode.

4. Update the Boot options so that USB Drives are included5) Save & Exit

Turn off the computer. Plug in your USB drive and turn on your computer. Your computer should now boot to usbWindows 10 BIOS settings not working

Turn off the machine, then plug it back in. Now, you can use the command to load the BIOS.

You can try this:

Hold Shift down and turn off system.

Give it a minute.

Hold down your Bios key (such as F2), and then power on the system.

How do i start BIOS? What can I do to get into BIOS?

Click >Start.

Click on Section >Settings.

Locate and open >Updates and Security.

Select the menu option >Recovery.

Click on the Advance Startup section to select >Restart immediately.

To recover mode, open >Troubleshoot.

Select >Advance option.

Locate and select >UEFI Firmware Setups.

How do you update your Asus BIOS?

To get the BIOS updated by Internet:

Go to the Advanced Mode within the BIOS Setup program.

Select via Internet.

Select an Internet connection method using the Left/Right keys, and then press the “Enter” key.

Follow these instructions to finish the update.

Reboot system after updating is completed.

What is the best way to find out if Windows 10 virtualization is enabled? When you open Task Manager->Performance, look for Virtualization. Virtualization means your CPU supports Virtualization.

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