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What’s the best way to paint with gouache?

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Painting is a luminous language to describe your emotions, feelings, and dreams. Artists aren’t known by their names but by their art. To make their pieces of art realistic, amazing, and appealing, they use different techniques, tips, and tricks. To make their creations versatile and vibrant, they also use different mediums like acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

Using gouache paint to draw something different and appealing to create luminous visuals is one of the most recent rising trends in art. Most people aren’t familiar with this paint medium, so it used to be less popular than acrylics and oil paint. But now it’s getting popular because of its versatility and deep effects.

Gouache paint: what is it?

With gouache, you can draw something unique and special, because it’s thicker and dryer than other acrylic paint, so it takes less time to dry. Artists mix it with water and gum to create multiple layers and natural texture. It’s resistant to light reflection, so artists can use it to make matte paintings.

To It’s crucial to understand basic art skills, color mixing techniques, and artistic tricks if you’re going to draw with Gouache paint.

What’s the best way to paint with gouache?

Even though gouache paint looks like watercolors, its composition is quite different from both acrylic and watercolors. Because of its thickness and flexibility, gouache mixes well with all other media. In order to paint like a pro, you need to know some basic tips.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to paint with gouache…

1. Surfaces to paint

Choosing a surface for gouache is the first step. It’s perfect to draw on paper or hard paper with gouache colors. Those who are good with gouache paint also use plastic sheets and raw wood to make amazing art pieces. If you’re a beginner, hard paper is perfect.

2. Make a color palette

Choosing colors that bring life to your imagination is an integral part of painting. When you paint with colors, take out as many small portions as you need in your color palette and make combinations. Do not let your color palette dry out.

3. Color and shade tests

In order to get the perfect shades, testing colors and combinations is the next step after preparing colors. Always clean the brush when using new colors. Take a small amount of color and start applying different shades from thick to thin consistency on the brush. You’ll be able to see how volume impacts shades and different combinations.

4. The base should be painted

The next step is to add a background or base to the painting surface. Gradient creation techniques can be used to blend different colors for the perfect background. Use light shades to make a perfect background.

5. Fill in the blanks

Let’s add the finishing touches to our masterpieces. Create highlights, edges and natural texture with more volume. You can use thin layers to create light areas and thick coatings to create darkness.

6. Make sure it dries

Your painting is now ready to exhibit, display on the wall, or gift to a loved one after it has been allowed to dry. Gouache paint takes very little time to dry.

Drawing with Gouache: Different Techniques

In order to create realistic effects in their artwork, artists use different gouache paint techniques. Here are some well-known gouache paint techniques;

●     Creating gradients

●     Error-removing lifting

●     The blooms

●     Paint with volume

●     Creation of 3D effects

●     Using a dry brush

●     The glazing process

●     Creation of opaque layers

●     Method of mixed media

●     The wet on the wet

●     Dry on Wet

The takeaway

Having read this guide, you will be familiar with all the basic steps and techniques to draw incredibly amazing pieces of art using gouache paint. Try these suggestions and you will see that you will be able to achieve perfection in gouache color painting.

Be sure to use the right painting surface and high-quality gouache paint colours when painting your dreams.

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