What to wear to bed for a perfect sleep- 3 tips to select the ideal sleepwear

by Abdul Rehman

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Getting a good night’s sleep is everything you want after battling through the chaos of the whole day. While working around the clock and doing your daily chores, your body gets exhausted from the constant stress. And the worst thing you can do to yourself is not get enough sleep after the whole day. Lack of sleep leads to many problems ruining the next day too. But then what to do if you cannot go to sleep even when you are tired?

How to get the perfect sleep

One of the most common reasons why you are not able to have a good night’s sleep is because of what you are wearing. Yes, you read that right. Most of the time, we are focused on looking the best even when we sleep; that is why we end up choosing sleepwear that is not designed to give us the comfort we need to go into a deep slumber. This means you probably only look fabulous in your bed without getting enough sleep.

How do you fix this? You fix this by exploring the options for the right nightwear designed to give you maximum comfort. Mind you, not everything that works for your friend, family member, or a famous blogger will work for you. You need to understand that your body has its way of working and needs its own sleepwear to calm down and help you get into a deep sleep.

  1. Choose the right type of garment

Wearing something comfortable while going to bed is important and comes with its own advantages. If your clothes are tight or too warm, this can drastically impact your sleep. Hence ensure you only wear clothes that match the climate and aren’t too harsh on your body. Explore the options for the best night wear in Pakistan and find something that suits you well.

To help you in the mission, we have highlighted some of the suggestions for the garments that will let you enjoy a sound sleep every day.

  • T-shirts and sweatpants

Sweatpants and a T-shirt are one of the best combos. Cotton t-shirts are breathable, so you won’t feel sweaty all night and will get the air you need to stay comfortable. Furthermore, T-shirts are very light, and if you toss and turn during the night, you won’t feel the material getting dragged along with you, as most sleeping T-shirts are stretchable.

  • Tank Tops

During the warmer months of the year, tank tops are your best friend as they keep your arms super relaxed and allow air to pass through your clothes. Tank tops look stylish, too, so they will also satisfy your inner fashionista. You can also pair them with shorts to sleep in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Nightgown

Grab the latest nightgowns from your favorite brands if you want to sleep and cover your body. Ensure that they are made of cotton and not any other fabric. Gowns made out of silk tend to be uncomfortable and are only meant for fashion purposes; however, if you want to sleep well, you must get a cotton nightgown as it will allow you to sleep most comfortably.

  • Oversized shirts

One of the things people want to wear to sleep is an oversized shirt. Perhaps these are the best clothing articles to give you the maximum comfort. Ensure that you get a size that is not too oversized because it will then fall off your body, making you feel super uncomfortable, and you might stay awake the whole time.

  • Onesie

Onesies are your go-to option if you want maximum comfort, and they are the best choice for your sleepwear in the winter months. Hence you can feel super comfortable in a woolen onesie because their touch to the skin is extremely soothing. You can instantly fall asleep with such sleepwear wherever you are lounging.

  • Choose the right fabric for your garment

The next important thing in your sleepwear selection process is the fabric. Make sure that you choose something that suits your body well. Here are some recommendations to help you ensure better sleep.

  • Cotton

Cotton is one of the best materials for your sleepwear as it allows maximum comfort during your sleep hours. Furthermore, the fabric is all-natural and helps your body to remain cool; hence, if you live in a warm country with high temperatures, you must-have cotton sleepwear in your closet.

  • Silk

The second-best option to wear at night is silk; however, this option is only for those living in colder counties. Silk has its way of providing comfort and warmth to the entire body by regulating the temperature. However, silk is not always budget-friendly and can be super slippery. It also requires dry cleaning and proper care.

  • Linen

If you feel hot a lot, one of the best fabrics for you is linen. The material has its way of absorbing moisture and providing comfort through its softness and breathable quality.

  • Flannel

Flannel is the perfect material if you are experiencing winters. They are one of the best fabrics for sleepwear that enable you to remain warm and comfortable during a harsh cold night. Flannel is also a soft and breathable fabric; hence if you want to rock a onesie, you can do so in flannel and sleep by the fireplace.

  • Choose the right accessories to pair them with your sleepwear

Choosing the right gear for a good nights sleep is also important. Go for the following if you are looking for some extra comfort.

  • Eye masks

Some people are very sensitive to light, so if you want an undisturbed sleep, you can block out the light by wearing eye masks. Even if the sun is shining bright, you can filter that through these masks and ensure you don’t wake up before your due time.

  • Ear plugs

Sometimes people share a bed with snoring partners, or your apartment is in the middle of a busy street. What to do then? In such a case, add ear plugs to your sleep regimen to ensure that you rest well throughout the night.

  • Socks

Socks can help you remain warm while you sleep. A light pair of tootsies can ensure you sleep like a baby all night when you slide in.

Parting Words

If you add the above sleepwear to your lifestyle, you can sleep like there is no tomorrow. You need to rest properly to give your body the time to heal overnight from all the stressors it goes through the entire day. So go for quality sleepwear and be ready to enjoy a better next day.

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