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The Development of a Music Streaming App Like Spotify: Need of the Hour?

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What do you all prefer while traveling? 

It might be a silly question to ask; however, we would want to know your favorite pastime! Most of your answers are going to be ‘streaming music.’ 

Indeed, Spotify is one of our go-to platforms, and undoubtedly, the app managed to rope in a solid consumer base exceptionally. 

Today, Spotify has more than 140 million users, and about 50 million are subscription members! 

Is it ringing a bell? It might be an opportunity for you to build a flawless music streaming app for the audience, since you have a chance to target a wide audience. 

So, Are Music Streaming Apps a Favorable Investment?

It won’t be wrong to mention that the number of customers of music streaming apps is rapidly rising, and the profit level has surpassed the expectation of app owners. 

Quite impressive, isn’t it? 

It sure is a solid reason to think and initiate building a music streaming app, so do you want to learn about the secret sauce of Spotify that makes it a massive success? We’ve got something for you! 

Introduction to Spotify App

Spotify is an online music streaming app that lets you discover music and artists in the most convenient manner. Not only this, but a terrific use case of an app like Spotify is its ability to build playlists that don’t require users to download songs on their devices. 

Music has been people’s first love for years; thus, Spotify grabbed the opportunity and turned it around in their favor. 

For you to develop an app like Spotify, it is significant to learn about its working mechanism. And here you go!

How Does Spotify Work?

First of all, Spotify is an app compatible with a number of devices and multiple OS, including Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Notably, features like the search bar allow end users to find their favorite albums, artists, songs, and more to create their customized playlists. 

Furthermore, the user workflow of Spotify works in the following manner: 

– Web Version

  • The web version of Spotify allows end users to register and log in via email or Facebook.
  • It is crucial to choose the Spotify format to be able to select a plan that includes a free version and two paid ones.
  • Next, users can download the web version of Spotify on their desktop for hassle-free repeated action.

– Mobile App

  • The user can download the app from the Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions to log in or sign-up.
  • Furthermore, customers can easily search and listen to music seamlessly.

Top-Notch Features Offered by Spotify

Sure, every music streaming app offers the best features to meet its user’s demand. However, some of the exceptional and unique features offered by Spotify include: 

1. Radio

The Radio feature of Spotify allows its customers to start by opting for their preferred music niche. Spotify monitors the preferences and presents radio stations based on the user’s demands. 

A splendid job is done by the platform!

Therefore, you must also ensure the integration of a unique element that makes your app stand out from the crowd, and intrigues customers to opt for the same over its substitutes. 

How will you do so?

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2. Sharing Music via Social Media

Somewhere, we all feel intrigued to share the music we love with people who follow the same taste. Therefore, Spotify enables sharing music via social media, and there couldn’t have been a better feature. 

3. Music Suggestions

The type of music or artists users search or listen to, Spotify starts suggesting similar tracks, which is a huge benefit for music streamers. 

Monetization Model of Spotify 

Now is the time to answer one of the most asked questions- how does Spotify make money? 

Well, the platform offers three plans to its customers that includes a free and a paid version. The freemium model is one of the most opted models that allow users to access the free service with basic functionality. On the other hand, the premium account offers exclusive features and bonuses like:

– Zero advertising that may annoy listeners

– A one-month free plan as a trial period

– Spotify at lesser prices for students

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Building an App Like Spotify

Now that you have some idea about building an app like Spotify, it is equally vital to learn the functionality to amalgamate for building a jaw-dropping platform. Thus, some of the best features to include are:

– Registration and Authentication

– User Profile

– Personalization

– Varied music collections

– Push Notifications

– Instant Messaging

– Social Media Incorporation

To Sum Up!

Did you know? 

The streaming profits have surged to 98%, and now is your best shot to come up with an app like Spotify, only better!

The industry experts are waiting for you to hit them up with your flawless idea so they can work on the same and establish an app that wins customers’ hearts. 

So, schedule your consultation with the best mobile app development company and get started!

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