Cost To Build an E-Commerce App

Cost To Build an E-Commerce App Like Noon: Dig Into the Insights!

by ghisellerousso

Who doesn’t make purchases on the go nowadays? While mobile shopping can be done across devices, mobile phones have become the ultimate choice! 

Indeed, the convenience of getting goods and services delivered to the user’ s doorstep, along with the hassle-free in-app payments, has helped e-commerce apps acquire tremendous popularity.

Thus, businesses of all sizes are now making a shift from their traditional mechanisms to the modern digital approach, which is also helping them obtain higher revenue. 

Are you someone looking forward to joining the e-commerce bandwagon? 

Then, this article is for you! So, let’s get started. 

Introduction to E-Commerce Apps

Initially, e-commerce websites were the hot topic; however, they are gradually replaced by e-commerce applications that have introduced revolution with the help of technology. 

In simple language, e-commerce apps are software that enables people to shop online but in an improved and efficient manner. 

One of the greatest examples of an all-time e-commerce site is Noon, popularly used in UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. 

Therefore, if you want to develop an applaud-worthy app like Noon, now is your time to connect with a top-notch e-commerce app development company for assistance on your app idea. 

More About Noon

Being a $1 billion e-commerce platform, Noon’s simple yet elegant UI and exceptional accessibility have helped the app rope in an international reputation. 

The app is a one-stop-shop for baby items, technology, household goods, sports items, groceries, gadgets, and a lot more. 

The applications’ highlights that enabled the platform to become a big hit are as mentioned below: 

– Seamless navigation

– Organized product lists

– User-friendly interface with advanced features

– Efficient supply chain management

– Availability of filters and search box options

– A choice of standard or express delivery

An app with the integration of a lot of features would have been expensive to build, isn’t it? How much do you think is the cost to develop a mobile app

If you’re finding answers to questions like these, stay hooked because we are going to talk about the investment that needs to be made for a magnificent app development!

BUT FIRST, take a look at the following:

Must-Have Features of an E-Commerce App Like Noon 

Compromising with app features can be a big miss for your business, and might even force your app users to uninstall the app. So, here are some of the noteworthy features to be emphasized during the app development

1. Registration and Log In

The very first step for a user to interact with the app is by going through registration. The feature allows customers to sign up with the platform using their phone number or email address; thus, a user profile is created. 

2. Home Page

Upon onboarding, the homepage is the next screen where a user lands and is expected to catch visitors’ eyes! Therefore, you must ensure that your home page includes all the relevant information that your user needs to know. For instance, discounts, deals, etc. 

3. Notification

Notifications are a crucial feature that keeps reminding your user’s that you value them. Therefore, businesses can send notifications related to the latest updates, deals, discounts, and more, that’ll intrigue your app users to visit the app. 

4. Customer Support

What would a customer do in case of facing issues with the app?

Well, it is significant to amalgamate a customer support service for assisting buyers regarding their queries. If your users feel that there are no support services available for any problems they encounter, they are most likely to opt for your app’s substitutes for shopping. 

5. Product Catalog

What’s the heartbeat of an app?

Its product catalog categorizes products clearly with their pictures, name, cost, and other relevant information for educating customers. 

6. Multiple Payment Gateways

Not only Noon, but all other modern applications have now started incorporating multiple payment methods looking at the comfort that it has to offer. 

For a flawless checkout experience, users now prefer paying via credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc., that initiate instant transactions. 

7. Order Summary, Status, and Tracking

Once a customer places an order with an e-commerce app, they must be sent updates about their order in process and delivery status. Make sure that you add this function for verification of real-time order tracking to provide an idea of the estimated delivery time. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build an E-Commerce App Like Noon? 

The cost to build an e-commerce app is determined with the help of a few factors as listed below: 

– Choice of the platform

– App design

– App size

– Number of features

– The size of the development team

– Developer’s cost

– ETC!

In a Nutshell! 

The e-commerce market is brimming with opportunities, and now is your shot at getting your company to the next level of success by developing an app like Noon. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

How to get started is your question? 

Well, hire a reliable mobile app development company and conduct a discussion on moving ahead with your app idea. 

Happy innovation!

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