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How education in Canada is made easy?

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Study in Canada from India has its advantages! Education in Canada is under the whole jurisdiction of the provinces and there is no federal education system in Canada.

If you are planning to study in Canada from India, post-secondary education is offered by 4 types of educational institutions:

  • University
  • University College
  • Technical Institute
  • Career College


Canadian universities are publicly funded, and, offer reliably high-quality education at low tuition rates for international students than their counterparts in competing countries.

University College

As a constituent of the Canadian university system, the university colleges bid students a choice of an academic-oriented university degree or practical-oriented college certificates. As a part of the Canadian college, university colleges are notable for their strong student support facilities, small class, and strong campus surroundings. They offer combined programs and university transfer programs.

Technical institutes

They have a vocational-related prospectus, with small classes, course offerings, a great ratio of lab space to classroom space, and a communicative teaching style. The individuality of Canadian colleges lies in the grouping of employer-centered prospectuses. The institutes have the main function of responding to the training wants of business, and public service sectors. Most colleges and institutes offer certificates and applied degrees to students aspiring to study in Canada! If you want to learn about study in Canada from India, click here.

Career College

This is a privately owned school with the main objective of making students for the job market after a brief period of instruction. The importance of career colleges is on practical services over a broad range of programs. They specify in such areas as business, and secretarial skills.

While you study abroad in Canada, the academic year starts in September and ends in May, and is divided into 2 semesters. Some institutes function on a semester or trimester scheme and admit students in January as well as September.

Here are the choices in degrees and courses to study in Canada:

  • The certificate is a requirement awarded upon successful accomplishment of a program that is one year in length and is accessible at colleges.
  • The diploma is the qualification given based on successful study and is obtainable at colleges.
  • Undergraduate degrees are awarded after 4 years of full-time study, and also lead to graduate-level studies.
  • Postgraduate degrees lead to advanced degrees and certificates.
  • M.B.A. programs will require relevant work experience and are generally 2 years in duration, though institutes offer a fast-track option.
  • The pre-requisites to joining a master’s program is a four-year bachelor’s degree with academic standing equivalent to a minimum grade in Canada.
  • Post-doctoral programs are more specialized, and research-oriented programs. One of the most significant factors in yielding post-doctorate fellowships is the individual network established between the attentive applicant and the faculty member in the institution.

Why should we Study in Canada?

  • Canada reliably ranks among the ten best countries to live in the world in the annual Human Development Report
  • Canada is becoming the republic of choice for students from all parts of the world.
  • Canada is the most multicultural nation in the world and it also helps students a lot to follow their dreams
  • Degrees & diplomas from Canadian institutions are among the most extensively recognized and sought-after globally
  • The Cost of living & tuition fees for international scholars are among the low in Canada compared to other English-speaking countries with education values among the highest anywhere
  • Part-time work is allowable when you study abroad in Canada and it is easy for students to earn while they study and it will be motivating for them too.
  • Canada spends more per capita on education than any other country of economic cooperation and development.
  • The Canadian educational system inspires cross-disciplinary studies and the growth of transferable skills like critical thinking, and communications
  • Canada is a republic of incredible physical beauty. Safe, cosmopolitan cities are adjacent to spectacular mountains, and great lakes.
  • Canada is a leader in software development, aerospace engineering, automobile engineering, mining technology, and the environment industry.

Want to study abroad in Canada?

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