A Survey of Collection and Services of Medical College Libraries document

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A Survey of Collection and Services of Medical College Libraries document

Libraries are at the heart of any research or academic institution. Due to the speed of technological advancements in the different disciplines that pertain to science and technology (S and T), libraries need to stay up to date with the latest technological developments to ensure information distribution is swift, efficient, and cost-effective. and readily available.

A library’s worth largely depends on the collection it houses. Therefore, great care should be taken when selecting and maintaining a quality and robust collection of papers like periodicals, books, handbooks, reference book directories, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other relevant information. The creation and development of libraries that meet the needs of the people who use them, such as students, researchers, scholars, scientists, and more, is the primary purpose of a well-organised library. The available collection types heavily influence the quality of services provided and the satisfaction of patrons. A comprehensive, balanced, and current collection should contain documents of different kinds in various formats to satisfy the requirements for information.

The library’s primary objective is to offer quality services to its patrons. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of a successful librarian. This is not possible until the library’s management can comprehend customers’ needs and desires. The library should be equipped with an extensive collection of books. The library must have various services that can meet the demands of patrons. Modern and up-to-date technology is required to provide more efficient services.

The demands for and expectations have significantly increased in the present moment of the rapid growth of data that has led to the development of multidisciplinary domains within the many areas that comprise S and T. To satisfy this need, libraries must be equipped with the most current technology for storing and retrieving information to ensure that the correct information is available to those who require it in the correct location and at the correct time.

Since the advent of computers and the Internet, advancements have taken place in the field of information technology. This has resulted in the rise of digital or electronic libraries. The latest technological advancements in telecommunications, information technology and multimedia, networking scanners, and software have led to a paradigm-shifting technological revolution in libraries and information technology. Networking technology has led to the creation of virtual libraries, or online libraries that are highly regarded by the public. They are utilised by the people who use them and have proven beneficial for all of society due to their instant access to information. The boundaries of time and space have been removed, and the world is now a “global village” where anyone can get information through computers, networks, and scan technology.

A digital library could be described as an electronically-based version of a traditional library because the entire library is in a digital format. In a digital library, the data available includes non-textual data like drawings, photos, illustrations, or artworks; streamings of information in numerical form (satellite information, also known as cosmological data), digitally recorded sound and moving images, 3-D images (holograms); as well as traditional text-based data.

There are many medical schools where the library network and digitization can give a huge boost, not only to improve the quality and standard of the services available at hospitals but also also significantly aid in advancing medical research and education. But, the success achieved through digitization and the networking of libraries will depend significantly on the attitude and involvement of librarians within the whole process to ensure its success.

A Literature Review

Different data sources, published or unpublished, were examined to develop a concept for the research. It was discovered that using networking and digitization in library science and information could significantly aid in the quick and efficient distribution of reliable information at a reasonable cost and at the right time for the right user.


The objectives of the study are as follows. These are the objectives of the study:

  1. To assess the contribution and attitude of librarians to the accomplishment of the network and digitization processes in libraries at medical colleges
  2. To assess the quantity and quality of the collections in the libraries at the medical schools.
  3. To study how digitization is being implemented inside the medical libraries of colleges.
  4. To study the methods employed for network and digitization inside the library at medical colleges
  5. To look into the current libraries’ facilities as well as the services provided by the medical schools’ libraries
  6. Examine the digitization and networking processes in the library at the medical colleges.
  7. To examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the digital networking processes in libraries at medical colleges
  8. To assess the necessity as well as the acceptance of process of digitization and networking within the libraries of medical colleges
  9. To analyse the challenges librarians have to face about network and digitization in libraries of Medical Colleges
  10. to offer suggestions for improving libraries’ network process and digitization.
  11. To identify the weaknesses that make it difficult to network and digitise within libraries. 


The research is based on examining libraries that belong to medical schools. To do this, the libraries of the medical schools are examined, which are endorsed by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to provide an MBBS program of study. They can also award the degree of MBBS and other degrees related to surgery and medicine.

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