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Ten Ideas About Cosmetic Boxes That Really Work

by ghisellerousso

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Cosmetic boxes are well-known in the market because of their strong and sturdy nature. These boxes are manufactured using superior quality materials, which give them durability. These materials include kraft, cardstock, corrugated and cardboard, etc. These are organic and environmentally friendly materials that also help in making sustainable packaging boxes. These boxes are used for products like eye shadow palettes, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, cream, etc.

Due to this, they are customized into different styles and shapes to encase their desired packaging item. They can be printed with modern and advanced techniques like offset lithography, digital, screen, etc. Moreover, these boxes can be coated with different finishing coats like matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, embossing and debossing techniques, raised ink, and metallic foiling. These coats give the boxes a more attractive and enticing look. 

The cosmetic boxes allow the customization option through which you can make them in desired shape and sizes and per the packaging item’s requirement. By following different ideas, the business can make these boxes look attractive and distinctive and easily gain the targeted audience’s attention. Here are discussed some of the ideas that you can consider to make appealing cosmetic packages.

Trendy packaging

When manufactured in trendy styles or shapes, cosmetic packaging boxes help grab the interest of potential buyers and attract them to the business. Due to this, the brand should know about all the popular modern trends among the audiences to create such packages for the encasement of the cosmetic item.

Some of the trendy styles of packaging boxes include gable boxes, die-cut window boxes, etc. So, by knowing the nature and demand of your audience and the packing item’s requirements, you can opt for any trendy packaging design. 

Display patterns

If the packaging box is of neutral color and you do not know what to display on its surface, here is an exciting idea. You can display different patterns or prints on them in contrasting color combinations. This will make them look good and beautiful.

You can display any pattern as per your product demands. From the stripes to the floral pattern to the polka dot, you can choose either one. You can also opt for custom printing to display your personalized art on these boxes. 

Allow product visibility 

One of the trendiest yet dynamic designs is the die-cut window. The die-cut boxes allow visibility of the packed products through the window. This window is covered with a transparent sheet so that the microbes or dirt particles do not get access to the inside box.

The window can be customized into any shape and size. For example, you can make the window in a heart shape if these boxes are used on valentines’ occasion. So, by allowing product visibility, the business can easily attract the targeted audience. 

Themed packages

You can opt for the theme cosmetic packages for various occasions. For example, when your business has to offer some Christmas or Valentine’s deals and wants your business to stand out in the market, then you can opt for the themed packages.

You can print the packages as per the requirement of the event. Apart from this, you can also choose customized themed packages to launch new cosmetic products. Matching the packaging as per the requirement of the occasion can increase the value of the packed cosmetic products. 

Display graphical illustrations

You can display graphical illustrations on these boxes per the packaging item’s need. For example, when these boxes are used for the eyeliner’s encasement, you can display illustrations of eyes on the packaging boxes. 

Simplicity is the key.

When you are afraid to play with bright colors and prefer neutral colors, you should use the minimalistic approach. Simplicity is the key here, as you do not need to embellish the whole package.

You can use kraft, corrugated, or cardboard boxes for this purpose. By displaying the minimal printing pattern in some softer tones or shades, you can easily make your cosmetic packaging more distinctive and special among the rest. 

Product Description

You can display the product-related information and instruction on these boxes in beautiful color combinations to engage the customers. For example, if these boxes pack the lipsticks inside them, you can go for the display of the lipstick color, important instructions like its expiry date, and the environment in which such sensitive items should be stored. Such displayed information helps increase the product’s worth and attracts more customers. 

The bright color packages

When the product is brightly colored or the cosmetic item packed inside the box has different contrasting colors, you should go for the boxes’ equally bright and vibrant colors. Colors are important in attracting the audience, so they must be chosen wisely and under the packaging item. Such boxes help in leaving a lasting mark on the audience and make the brand stand out. 

Change the texture of the box.

You can change the texture of the box through premium finishing coats. This way, you can convert the plain old packaging into some exciting and alluring box. Various finishing options are available, including laminations, metallic foiling, and embossing, debossing techniques.

Each of these coatings displays a different appearance of the box. For example, glossy lamination gives a scintillating appearance, while matte lamination provides a more smooth and more elegant look. 

Make the packaging relevant.

Making the packaging relevant to your packing product helps enhance the value of the products and displays a good brand image. It would help if you chose all the aspects of the packaging box under the packing item. From the color to shape, size, etc., you should select accordingly. This way, you can easily increase the value of the packed cosmetic item. 

When you want to encase the cosmetic items perfectly, you should go for the customized shape and size of the cosmetic boxes. You can make these boxes look attractive by using printing and finishing options. Here we have discussed ten ideas you can consider to enhance the box’s appearance and make the product stand out.

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