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Critical aspects of selecting the best shower heads for your home

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It is quite frustrating and complicated to deal with a dribbling showerhead, a slow-pressure variant, and a faulty one. When this happens, managing and maintaining shower heads becomes a tough job.

A shower head is a key part of your bathroom. Get great discounts on our selection of shower heads for your home, with multiple water pressure options, massage jets, shampoo and conditioner nozzles and more. Add a pop of color to your bathroom with our shower head. We have a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, so you can find what’s best for your space.

Tips for choosing the right shower heads

  •   Choosing between high and low flow shower heads

If you are in plans of changing the shower heads then choosing from the high and low flow variants can be a tough job. Answering the question is important to ensure that you have the best product available for your benefit at all times.

Many believe that the sole difference between the high and low flow shower heads is simply of the final volume that you gain. However, the same is not true. The actual difference lies in the amount of pressure available through these. It is not uncommon to observe that these high flow variants deliver a volume identical to a normal shower but with high pressure while the low flow variants deliver a gentle and cascading effect. The high flow variants are best for wall-mounted variants while the others are preferred for the ceiling mounted ones.

To select the best one depends entirely on your choice. 

  • Type of installation services – DIY or professional intervention 

Whether you are looking for installing shower glass or heads, selecting the best version as per your preferred installation is important. However, these DIY systems or apparently simple installations are not so simple. Although some may actually be simple to install yet a majority of these require specific plumbing installations.

Therefore, before choosing any particular product, be sure to enquire about its plumbing configuration and other critical aspects.

  •         Choosing between fancy and functional shower heads installations

  It is not uncommon to be confused between choosing between fancy and functional shower heads. However, as bathrooms undergo transformation with the increase in technologically advanced products and smart bathroom appliances, the shower heads too are becoming sleeker in design. 

To ensure that you make the right selection of the shower heads, it is best to invest in research and analysis. You can also seek aid from friends and family to determine about the features and brands to watch out for.

Similarly, you must assess the practicality of the shower in the upcoming years. These can be slightly more expensive than standard fittings which makes it an ideal investment for long-term growth.

  • Should you choose handheld shower heads?

Handheld shower heads were once a popular choice but have lost their appeal over the years. When done right, it can be an intelligent investment. For this, you must pay attention to fittings linking the head and ideally choose the flexible ones.

Wall mounted showers are quite common and finding fittings can be easy but the same cannot be true for ceiling mounted heads.

How to choose shower heads for a new home?

Many believe that the selection process for a new home or complete home renovation can be tough. However, the choice is considerably easier as you are starting the plumbing connections again. So, you can choose from your shortlisted products and design your bathroom accordingly.

If you are planning to build a new home, you should be thinking about how the shower heads look and how easy they are to install. There are many different styles of shower heads available, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose for your bathroom remodeling project.

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