2023 Makeup trends

2023 Makeup trends for very young ladies

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Makeup is a way to express creativity. We’re all artists in our own way when we use makeup. If you’re an artist who likes to play, here’s a list of trends you can follow and master for 2023.

Taking care of the canvas is forever on trend

We need to talk about ground zero when it comes to makeup trends. Skincare is the ground zero, and if you want to be able to follow the makeup trends, you need to take care of the canvas first. Never ever go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Cleansing, hydration, exfoliation and serums are the key to having a canvas that is ready for proper makeup application.

Light skin coverage

Heavy foundations are so 2022. Unless you’re a movie star or someone who has to stand under reflectors daily, you can forget about heavy foundations. Light coverage is the trend to follow as the beauty industry is turning towards less coverage. You can go for lighter formulas like a tinted SPF or a tinted cream. Your skin will be protected and hydrated, and you’ll also have an even skin texture.

Bold lips

When there’s a bare-skin trend, it’s always followed by bolder lip colors. Bold lips will be on trend, so if you’re ready to get a new lipstick for your collection, turn to the darker shades. You won’t have to if you can’t stand the idea of leaving glossy lips for bolder lips. Glossy lips will still dominate; colors will be stronger this time. If you’ve been a fan of nude lips for a while now, it’s time to try darker shades of your favorite colors.

Arched eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face and can easily change the shape of your face and its definition. So, if you feel like playing with your eyebrows is a bit too much, just read along to learn about the trend. Arched eyebrows are a trend, but you can easily just stick to a laminated brow trend and still be up to date. Laminated brows are still popular, and this technique does make your life easier as you don’t have to worry about brows looking wild and bushy.

Big impact lashes

Whether you emphasize your lashes with two coats of mascara, get a lash lift, or by using colored mascara, keep doing it. Whatever you do, make sure to make an impact with your lashes. Just like with eyebrows, you need to see which trend works best for your lashes, as emphasized lashes can be the most important element of your makeup look.

If you have long lashes which remain straight no matter which curling mascara you use, try a lash lift. This treatment will give your lashes a nice curl, and your lashes will always stand out.

You should also be patient with your mascara and go for two coats instead of one and apply it on both lash lines. Ultimately, if you truly want to be on trend, give colored mascaras a try. This is definitely a trend making a comeback, as colored lashes were trendy in the nineties. If you love colors, this is your chance to show your playful side.

Blush play

In 2023, we’ll see people playing with blush placement. We’ve seen it already, as people have started trying out different blush positions. Some trends, like summer rain, were adopted, and some went by swiftly. However, bronzer and blush are here to stay as they are staples of no-makeup makeup. Also, they add definition and contour to a face. Your skin can look sun-kissed, and your cheeks can look like you’ve just had a light run with a dab of blush. Every young girl needs just a bit of bronzer and a dab of blush, some mascara and a bold lipstick of their choice to get ready for their day.

Bold eyeshades

For those makeup lovers who can’t wait to get a chance to play with bolder colors, this year is the year of bold eyeshadows. Blue eyeshadows are having their moment this year. So, go on the hunt for the blue shade that complements your eyes. If this is too strong for you, you can still wear blue eyeshadow by mastering a color-wash eye technique. It’s your regular smokey eye technique, but you’ll use a shade of blue instead of a dark shade. Metallic shades are also having a comeback, so if you want to update your evening makeup routine, switch to one of these two trends we’ve mentioned.

Embellish with gemstones

Gemstones are often named your go-to festival makeup look. Now, you can use them in your regular makeup. Whether you’d like to play with gemstones, sparkles or shimmer, just play with it. Sparkles or gemstones can add a touch of glam to your entire look. It’s an elegant way to accentuate your face, your eyes and your delicate features.

There’s at least one trend you can easily introduce in your makeup routine and one that will take you out of your comfort zone. Give them all a try so you’ll master your own signature look that consists of the hot 2023 makeup trends.

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