Getting Back Your Smile with Invisible Braces

Getting Back Your Smile with Invisible Braces

by Olivia Rodriguez

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If you’re not sure whether wearing braces makes sense to have the desired smile, simply think about the growing number of adult patients willing to take this orthodontic treatment at any cost. The American Association of Orthodontists reports a 60% annual increase in dental treatments for smile corrections. But if the vision that you will be wearing these braces 24/7 daunts you, perhaps experts of Invisible braces, Norwalk may change your mind. Here’s how it feels to get your smile back with invisible braces:

Problems Clear Aligners Can Solve

Clear aligners, also known as Invisalign, are custom-made brackets that aid in the proper alignment of misaligned teeth and give you an absolutely stunning smile. Clear aligners eliminate the discomfort associated with metal and wire braces. And, thanks to the see-through texture, it doesn’t even make you feel less confident. Here’s a list of dental issues that Invisalign or clear aligners can solve.

  • Gapped teeth
  • Excessive Overbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Overcrowding of teeth

What Exactly Is Invisalign, & How Does It Work?

In 1998, the FDA gave Invisalign its seal of approval for teeth-straightening treatments. Since then, these invisible brackets have been chosen by millions of patients worldwide who are seeking a great smile. The almost invisible aesthetics of these braces can straighten your teeth, exactly as traditional metal braces do. Still, they are growing in popularity for their overall aesthetics.

A person can hardly note that you are using invisible braces on your teeth, making it easier to perform daily activities without limiting the social interactions that are a part of life. Another great thing is that Invisalign can be taken out by the wearer himself.

Throughout your treatment, you can eat and drink without any restriction, just like you normally would. Simply remove the aligners from the teeth before meals. But to avoid hygiene and breath issues, consider brushing these brackets with a special application provided by the dentist. Compared to conventional braces, you will also spend just a few days on dentures.

After learning so much about Invisalign, it’s time to learn the steps involved in its placement.

The Treatment Process

Here’s how you should expect treatment from Invisalign in Norwalk and nearby areas.

Talk To An Invisalign Provider:

The first step in your dental treatment is to choose a professional who is qualified to treat you with Invisalign braces. They can assure that the treatment is accomplished safely and effectively. The main goal of this orthodontic procedure is to make things as comfortable and convenient as possible for both the patient as well as for the experts. So make sure you are reaching out to the right person. As you gradually reshape your bite and improve the functioning of your teeth, you should find someone to guide you on a regular basis, preferably your orthodontist.

Custom-Made Braces Are Available:

Braces are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit in the patient’s mouth. This is due to the fact that Invisalign braces are irreplaceable and are designed per an individual’s mouth’s specifications. You will also never find any room for error. Your doctor may send you for 3D imaging of your mouth to find the best-fitting brackets for your mouth. This may also include x-rays of the gums and jaw bones. Following that, the dentist will be able to provide you with a digital model of the procedure as well as an estimate of how long it will take to complete.

Receive Your Custom Aligners:

After acknowledging the proper size, shape, and length of the teeth and mouth, clear aligners are provided to the patient. They are applied all over the teeth in such a way that they are barely visible while speaking or laughing. Thanks to the BPA-free plastic making them comfortable for the mouth.

Replace Your Aligners Every Two Weeks:

You will have to make a visit to the orthodontist to have your Invisalign replaced with new ones. These invisible brackets move your teeth gradually and work faster than traditional alternatives for tooth alignment. Therefore, you will have to get a new brace from the doctor every two weeks for faster results.

Show Off Your New Confident Smile:

It is a sour truth; you will have to keep wearing these for 20 to 22 hours a day. However, because you can remove and wear them on your own, the intensity of challenges and issues is reduced. But once the test is over, you can reveal that beautiful smile of yours with confidence. But don’t put off seeing an Orthodontist in Norwalk.


It’s time to celebrate your new smile with utmost confidence. Invisible braces are a blessing to every person afraid of taking treatment for their smile. However, we can understand the feeling. Traditional braces had long been a source of anxiety because there was no other great alternative. But things have changed now. Consider Invisalign and be confident about your treatment for a smile.

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