Vintage White Cabinets

Best Paint Colors that Go Well with Vintage White Cabinets

by ghisellerousso

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by ghisellerousso

If you have antique white kitchen cabinets, you can choose earthy colors. These colors come with a welcoming and warm feel that makes the visitors and cooks feel more comfortable. The color has to be bright with a combination of different colors on various parts of the kitchen.

The colors in the kitchen sever various purposes and include coordinating with the kitchen cabinets, and reflecting artificial light or sunlight. However, the kitchen color has to follow the owner’s taste.

The dark colors like don’t go well with a kitchen set, which has white cabinets. So, here are the best colors that go with vintage white cabinets.

1. Neutral and Warm Colors

Any color can be taken as friendly if it has enough tint and shade. It will primarily depend on the neutral you choose. If you are not sure of the ideal color to go with, neutral colors can be the best place to start with.

Another great way to spice up the colors of the kitchens with a vintage cabinet set is by combining neutral with an addition of orange, red, or yellow for making it appear warm. In case the colors come across as two warms, you can use blue color, violet, or green to cool them down.

2. Brown Color

Brown is another great color that goes well with white vintage kitchen cabinets. moreover, brown is taken to be an earthy tone. Hence, they can be the best choice for the kitchen. food in the kitchen comes from the farm and the natural color of our planet is brown.

It is one of the reasons why brown is taken to be the perfect color for the kitchen. spice up the kitchen color using various accessories which have different colors for reducing the monotony which has been introduced by the brown color.

3. Light Yellow Color

Many designers like a bright yellow color with white shaker kitchen cabinets. The bright yellow color walls will go well with wood on the floor or brown tiles. Yellow is the color that reflect light all across the room. Hence, it brings the ambiance to the space. The light-yellow color can be spiced by the light yellow with blue paint for bringing out the vintage vibe.

4. White on White

It is a no-brainer when it comes to painting the kitchen. With white on white, you can bring out a classy kitchen, which is welcoming. With this setup, you are going to paint the whole kitchen white. It includes white shaker style cabinets, white ceilings, white walls, and accessories.

5. Blue, White, and Light Gray

One of the best ways to go is to paint the kitchen by adding multiple colors. The ideal combination is to use blue, gray, and white on the walls. It will work best as the kitchen will have access to the sun’s natural light.

When you have white cabinets, there is going to be the right contrast between the colors. Give a vintage look to the space with the blue color. If you want, you can cover the floor with brown and red wood or tiles.

6. Black, Brown, and White Colors

It is the perfect combination when it comes to painting the kitchen space. With these color combinations, you can expect a bold color that shows class and gives a welcoming feeling. Moreover, the combination of multiple colors is going to work best in a kitchen that has enough access to natural light for it to have a casual and cozy look.

7. Navy Blue and White Color

The navy blue and white combo will work best with a red-brown floor. It will give your house a rugged appearance that is in contrast to the accessories, which make up the rest of the space.

The white color comes from white titles, which are placed on one side of the walls. The wall’s white color with titles has to be on the same side as the white kitchen cabinet that creates a perfect harmony.

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