Artisan Cutlery’s CJRB Feldspar Is Everything You Could Want from an EDC Blade

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Several years back, Artisan Cutlery launched its CJRB line to offer high-quality blades to budget-conscious shoppers. They have created a number of different popular patterns that are great for EDC, from the tiny CJRB Maileah and the slender Ria to the much stouter Crag and Tigris models. They’ve even jumped on the button-lock bandwagon with the recent release of the CJRB Pyrite.

Artisan Cutlery has also hit it out of the park with the CJRB Feldspar, which, though generic, offers just about everything you could want in an EDC blade.

Here’s what you need to know.

Generic, in a Good Way

Artisan Cutlery’s CJRB Feldspar doesn’t have much to catch your attention, but we say that as a compliment, and not as a slight.

With a 3”, basic drop point blade and a generically-ovoid handle shape, the CJRB Feldspar is very like the basic, templated, cookie-cutter EDC folder.

But it offers high-quality materials in a practical package. With 3” of cutting length, it’s perfectly in the middle ground of size, and well-balanced. It also offers easy deployment via dual thumb studs and a silky-smooth caged ceramic ball-bearing pivot mechanism, as well as a sure lockup.

It’s also easy to carry, thanks to its reversible pocket clip that allows for tip-up carry on both sides of the knife. It also features a lanyard hole through the handle.

So, about the details – let’s see what this knife offers.

Tough Scales, Better Blade Steel

Though the blade profile is about as generic as they come, CJRB has paired this knife with a D2 tool steel that is extremely tough, easy to sharpen, and takes a wicked keen edge.

This steel is extremely tough, strong, resistant to chipping and cracking, and hard enough to stay sharp for a while without being hard to touch up. If the D2 gets low marks for anything, it’s corrosion resistance, and that’s a stretch.

The flat grind and fairly fine point are two other big bonuses, as the grind makes this knife a true super slicer and dicer, while the fine point makes it excellent for carving and detail work.

Though the Feldspar is available in a wide range of different scale colors, most of them are made with G10 scales. This material is dense, strong, and unaffected by sunlight, moisture, and corrosion.

As for the handle ergonomics, they’re pretty good too. The Feldspar features graceful rounded curves and a single swell that makes it comfortable to deploy, hold and use in a variety of grips.

What it comes down to is that this is a knife with a practical blade profile, made with a remarkable steel, packaged with comfortable, ergonomic, maintenance-free scales – and finished with a few other nice features, too.

It’s simplicity, perfected: this knife is straightforward, and what you see is what you get, but it works.

Where Can You Get One? (And Explore Other Artisan Cutlery Creations?)

One of the great things about Artisan Cutlery’s CJRB Feldspar is the fact that they’ve produced a few different iterations of it. They’re made with different steels and handle materials, without changing the practical features that make the knife great.

For instance, White Mountain Knives has an exclusive CJRB Feldspar made with carbon handle scales, a frame lock, and M390 steel. They also have a button lock exclusive which is another great deal.

In short, in its CJRB line, Artisan Cutlery strikes the perfect balance between high performance and price, all at the highest quality possible.

For more information about the sorts of knives they offer or to explore the full range of Feldspar exclusives available online at, visit the previous link.

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