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5 Best Script Writing Tips for Beginners 

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Script writing is one of the most vital steps in video production. No matter what type of video you create, a script must always be ready on the table before clapping the very first slate.

However, creating a script may come differently depending on the video’s purposes. You’ll need emotionally engaging scripts to create movies but compelling and straightforward ones to make advertisements and explainer videos.

As script writing becomes the first step to making your video come to life, it becomes paramount to master the basics. So, we’ve listed the five best script writing tips for beginners to help them progress better. Keep scrolling to read more!

#1. Create Your Story Outline 

Before anything else, you need to have the big picture of your story. Then, turn it into points to become an outline.

You can divide your story into parts: opening, pre-climax, climax, post-climax, and ending. Moreover, you can also pen down characters and settings for your story.

Your outline doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as you have all the necessary ideas, your outline is good enough to go further.

#2. Write Your Draft Fast

When you’re satisfied with your outline, it’s time to write your draft. It’s better to write your drift fast as you will edit it anyway.

Writing your draft means completing your outline. This is when you develop the storyline for the first time and give it soul to be alive. 

Broaden your idea as you take each point. Even though it’s better to finish your draft quickly, you can always take your time. It’s good to make the details in the first draft, but it isn’t always necessary.

You’ll need multiple times to review your drafts. Sometimes, exciting details pop up in your head during those times. So, don’t be too hard on yourself just to write your first draft.

#3. Edit Your Draft in Three Steps

After you have your final draft, you may need some days off from it. Let yourself enjoy the world. You can go for a walk, shop, hike, or do anything that can separate you from your draft.

You’ll edit better with a fresh mind. After some days off, the first thing to do is open your draft and re-read it. Don’t edit just yet. Start by leaving some notes, adding new items, or eliminating the unnecessary.

The second step is filling the holes. You may polish the story structure, develop more detailed characters and settings, and recreate some scenes. It’s necessary to delete meaningless scenes that only drive your story to nowhere.

The next stage of editing is to make your story perfect. This is the stage where you pay extra attention to the narrations and dialogues. You can add figures of speech or build deeper or brighter dialogues to set moods and emotions.

#4. Make Impressive Beginning

How to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video? Well, first of all, make an impressive beginning. It’s the stage where audiences make their decisions to keep watching your video or leave before even getting near the finish line.

It’s a challenging and tricky job for beginners. If you run out of ideas, you can always seek inspiration from others’ works. Then, recreate a whole new plot based on your story and inspirations.

It’s also worth mentioning to make your beginning anti-cliche. Significantly distinctive stories will be more impactful for audiences. And that’s what makes them stay to finish your video.

#5. Create Engaging Characters and Setting

You should do this during your draft writing and editing process. As mentioned previously, engaging characters and settings come from unique ideas.

A tip to make your characters appear stronger and remarkable is to give them unique names. Typically, short names give more impact and are easier to remember.

As for the settings, you can develop detailed explanations about places, times, weather, and moods to evoke emotions. Figures of speech sometimes are best to give a more profound impact.

More Tips and The Takeaway

Becoming a script writer means you need endless creativity and ideas to build an enticing story. For beginners, script writing may be a steep process, but you’ll see results with consistent progress.

Furthermore, rather than squeezing ideas from your desk all day and week, it’s better to take some free time outside. You’ll find more exciting real-life scenes and get inspired by those. 

The above five tips can be a brief intro to script writing for beginners. Always richen your imaginations and hone your creativity from real-life scenes and others’ work to provide excellent video scripts on the table.


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