5 Best Illustrator Tips for Beginners

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In this digital era, illustration designs are increasingly in demand among society, even in the business world. Illustrator skills are specified into several parts such as digital illustration, drawing and photography. 

An illustration is a medium that can help convey stories, ideas, or messages through compelling visuals. This board illustration field is divided into several areas such as illustrator forensics, comics, medical, and storyboarding.

A good illustrator uses their skills to communicate and express feelings in an engaging and easy to understand way. Along with the emergence of digital products, illustrations are starting to be needed for marketing and advertising purposes and as part of a business’s product.

Thus, more and more illustrators are needed. The competition to become an illustrator is also getting more challenging. In this article, we will give you the five best illustrator tips for beginners to help you compete in today’s digital business world.

1. Find Your Art Styles

The art style is the Illustrator’s way of describing and expressing his personality. The art style is determined by the various characteristics of a work of art, such as how they use a form, color, composition, and the media and manufacturing techniques used by the artist.

In other words, art style can be called a characteristic of your artworks. The art style of an illustrator plays a significant role in the creative industry. An art style in an illustrator can make their work unique from other illustrators so that fans can easily recognize it.

2. Learn and Use the Pen Tool 

The next tip is to learn and practice using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. Perhaps this can be a task that is overwhelming in its complexity and payoff. However, this is a good start for beginners to learn and improve their illustration skills.

This tool is a complement of basic functions to help beginners create shapes and styles when illustrating. With the help of the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, it will help make learning and improving your illustration skills easier.

3. Leverage Adobe’s Resources

For those of you who are novice illustrators, you can improve your illustration skills by utilizing Adobe’s resources. You can go to the Adobe website and find user guides, troubleshooting, tutorials, and presentation videos on getting started guides for your Adobe Illustrator product. 

It’s also a great way to get new inspiration for your illustration work. Apart from reading and practicing the knowledge you gain from Adobe’s resources, you can also take art courses on other platforms. It will help to give you more insight.

4. Get Inspired Through Comfortable Workplace

As an illustrator artist, getting inspiration to draw is crucial and hard to come by. However, there are some tips you can follow, one of which is having a comfortable physical workspace to  increase productivity and decrease stress.

Make sure to have suitable tables and chairs, lighting, and other equipment. At times you will be working long hours, so comfort matters. In addition, you can also see the works of other reliable illustrators to give you more engaging and eye-catching inspiration.

5. Export Best Format For Best Quality

For the final touch, you should make sure that the best quality is maintained when you print or eject for the screen. In this case, you should choose the best format, such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG. These formats are usually used to export some artworks with good quality results. 

Thus, you can print your work in high-quality. You will easily attract the audience’s attention with good-quality illustrations so the wider community can know your work.


Becoming a reliable illustrator will require skill, interest, and passion. Especially, the increasingly fierce competition in the creative industry world in today’s digital era makes you have to develop your illustration skills and abilities.

If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid of missing out. There will always be a way for those who always want to try. You can apply the five Illustrator tips for beginners mentioned above to help you compete in today’s digital business.

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