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How to get a blue tick on Facebook in 2023?

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Suppose you are a Facebook influencer or a brand. In that case, you should know that you have to get your account verified on Facebook because by verifying the account, it is confirmed by Facebook that these profiles belong to the celebrity or brand that He is representing.

Often some people create profiles of celebrities and maintain them themselves. Those celebrities have their account, but they are not verified, due to which the audience of that celebrity is unable to identify the real one, and they are fake accounts of that celebrity. That’s why you should get a blue tick on Facebook.

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Ways to get a blue tick on Facebook

Facebook Blue Tick is applied by Facebook to its user’s ID when Facebook verifies your profile. Many users have a question: Can we also get a Facebook Blue Tick, then the answer to this question is that you can get a Facebook Blue Tick. 

You can follow some steps to get Facebook verified badge:  

Send a request to Facebook for a verification badge 

To get a Blue Tick on Facebook, so your account gets verified, you must first send a request for account verification to Facebook.

When you send a verification request to Facebook, you have to fill out a request form, and for that, you have to log in to your Facebook account, after which you can fill out the request form and send it to Facebook. 

Step -1 Confirm your authenticity: 

When you are filling out the request form to be verified on Facebook, it should be kept in mind that you have to assure Facebook of your truthfulness so that it is not verifying a fake account.

National identification cards, passports, driving licenses, etc., are accepted by Facebook for verification purposes.

Step – 2 Confirm your notability: 

When you are filling out the verification form to get a Facebook blue badge, you first have to give proof of integrity. After that, you have to provide some basic information in that form, and this way, Facebook gets information about your account.

  • It doesn’t matter how your Facebook page looks, but it matters what information you have filled in on your Facebook page, so fill in all the information about your company to get a Blue Tick on Facebook.
  • If you have a brand, you should give all the information about that brand, and you can provide this detail in the about section of your profile. Like address, phone number, link to other social media platforms, etc.
  • Remember to give a link to your business website because it is essential to provide a link to your website because it generates traffic to your website.

While confirming your notability for getting a Facebook-verified badge, keep the above in mind. 

Wait for an email: 

When you fill out the verification form to get a blue tick on Facebook, an email is sent to you by Facebook that your request has been accepted or rejected by Facebook. This email can be transmitted between 45 hours to 45 days. Facebook tells you whether it accepts or rejects your verification request via email.


By the way, the easiest and best way to get Facebook verified symbol is to request Facebook to get a verified badge. Because this facility is given to its users by Facebook, they can get Blue Tick by asking from Facebook. You can buy Facebook page likes India. If Facebook accepts your request to verify your account, you will be notified by email. If you want to get verified badge on you Facebook account then you should follow these ways.

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