3 Reasons Why A Dentist Office Should Invest in SEO and Google Places 

3 Reasons Why A Dentist Office Should Invest in SEO and Google Places 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to build a solid reputation in the dental industry ever since most dentists have achieved fame in their city with the power of websites + SEO activities.

It’s no longer a secret that online presence is a prevailing culture with no end in the coming years. It has already grown competitive, and a well-implemented dentist SEO is the only technique to win.

With over 46% of all Google searches comprising “near me” or “city name” keywords, local dental offices are discovering immense opportunities online.

If we take real-life examples into account – people continue to search Google for “orthodontists near me” and “best dentists near me in California” whenever they require assistance or advice from dental experts.

Eventually, if you somehow manage to convince Google that you are an ideal fit for this particular search, you can fetch an outstanding conversion. But how will it work? Well, this is where the prominent term “SEO” in dental marketing and Google Places comes into play.

3 Reasons to Consider SEO for Dental Services

Search Engine Optimization has long been the most important factor in the expansion of dental clinics. If you also run a dental clinic, SEO services can have the following benefits for your profession:

1. Visibility & Branding

SEO is meant to strengthen a website’s profile in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). In a nutshell, it makes your site friendlier to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, allowing it to rank higher for targeted and relevant keywords. By enhancing a website’s appearance on Google, it even aids in the branding of your business.

A boost in website traffic can be obtained with consistent effort in dentist marketing. Since your site begins to appear in the top search results for the desired query made by random users on the internet, a boost in your website’s traffic is apparent.

Another SEO effort made by digital marketing experts is to ensure searches are coming from the desired location and aren’t from another country or nation. For this purpose, SEO experts specifically target geo-specific keywords.

2. Long-term customer relationships and increased ROI

With increased traffic and enhanced visibility on Google searches, an uptick in the return on investment can be seen. SEO heightens the potential of a website to pull in more traffic with the most prospective customers for the fastest conversion. This leads to more patient appointments at your dental clinic and increased business productivity.

Most dental offices even claim that they are now building more loyal customers than they were earlier. SEO makes a website easy to access for existing customers, which results in prompt resolution of their queries if they have any.

Dental service providers are making contact-related and other information readily accessible to customers through their digital profiles. By making a website mobile-friendly, further benefits are easy to access with SEO. Worth noting is that more than 60% of all search engine queries are from mobile devices.

3. Save Thousands on Paid Advertising

One can even save thousands on paid advertising with a one-time investment in SEO for the website. SEO focuses more on ranking a website organically. It aims to boost organic sales with little to no investment. Compared to paid advertising, where the profit-to-expense ratio is 50:50, SEO is a fairly awesome alternative.

But these are the benefits of SEO. Besides this significant term, another popular thing driving success for dental offices is Google Places. We’ll go over it briefly.

What are Google Places? Why should we think about them?

In addition to Google Search Results, Google Places is another popular platform where your dental office can build an image and potentially be featured in front of more prospective customers.

Google Places are basically listing platforms powered by Google. For example, Google Maps, Google Business Profile, and other platforms are exclusively powered by Google to support local businesses.

Almost every dentist SEO agency should recommend these platforms to dental offices because they carry the vast potential for strengthening the digital profile of dentists online.

These platforms even enable websites to link their portfolio websites and make contact details publicly available. Moreover, dental clinics can also receive customer reviews and share their business hours on these platforms efficiently.

But it also requires a good amount of SEO work; after all, it is part of the SERPs, and experts are needed to make it function.


So what are you waiting for? Hire a dentist SEO expert to increase your online demand. Already, most dental clinics have switched to these online platforms and are effectively achieving their business goals. So if you want your customer base to dramatically increase, if you want more people to start identifying your name and knowing your services, delay no more. Hire SEO experts today.

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