Why Double Wall Cardboard Boxes are the Best Way to Pack Heavy Items  

by ghisellerousso

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Double wall cardboard boxes are made from corrugated cardboard layers stacked on each other. There are two layers of cardboard, which is why these boxes are called double-layered. The double layers make them thicker than the single-wall corrugated structure. The additional layer gives the product inside the box more protection. They are great for a wide range of storage and transport tasks where extra security is needed. This is very helpful when sending packages through the mail. You can also use them with a courier service because they can handle more objects. They protect the items from any bumps during transit.

The double wall is the best option if you need to store something heavy enough. It stays stiff for a longer time, and having two layers of cardboard makes it strong. These boxes are less likely to get holes. This is a great way to pack your item so that you know it will be safe. Moreover, these boxes are ready to use when you need them. Their usage gives many benefits to businesses, which are the following:

Durable Structure of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard containers are a great option for heavy products or one that needs more protection. When you use double-wall cardboard boxes, you can pack almost everything which comes to your mind. The heavy object needs extra care while transiting. Suppose your boxes can’t protect your products well enough while shipping. It’s the right time to switch to double-wall packages. These cardboard boxes can safely hold up to 30 kg of goods. So, you can have them for fragile electronics, heavy paint cans, stacks of frozen foods, etc. As extra protection is mandatory in case of expensive yet heavy things so, get this protection with double-layered boxes.

Easy Printing of Instructions

You can easily print custom double-wall cardboard boxes. They come in both white and brown Kraft. Both of these are great to print on instructions, precautions, and other mandatory details. Many customers like brown Kraft paper because it gives the box a nice, rustic look. Easy printing allows you to have your brand name on the box. Moreover, you can add important information about the product inside. Thus, making printed double wall cardboard boxes ideal for branding too. This thing also gives it an amazing look that is becoming very popular these days.

Friendly to the Environment

Can you recycle double-walled custom boxes? The answer is “yes.” You can recycle the hard walls in any way. About 70% of its fibers come from recycled materials. Recycling material helps to reduce wastage and make the environment green. Recycling also aids in saving the cost of making new boxes. You can use old ones to manufacture two new layered boxes. Furthermore, using double-walled cardboard means less damage to the product and fewer returns. This means that there will be fewer delivery trucks on the road. This thing prevents air pollution from getting into the atmosphere.

Courier Deliveries and Transit 

Custom packaging is in high demand in this age of online shopping. It uses the right internal dimensions and the right double wall grade. These boxes help in transferring the mail with minimal damage to the outside and no damage to the goods inside. This means that not only is the end user happy, but the seller also gets less money back. Moreover, you can utilize them for shipping containers to hold a variety of goods packed together. These are made to fit whatever comes inside. This makes them a suitable option for transition all across the world.

Wide Application of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

They are also a great pick for stacking and storing products safely. You can also use them in a warehouse while goods are waiting to be sold. Because they are more rigid, they can remain intact for a longer period. Thus, they are ideal for long storage. Moreover, the use of double wall cardboard boxes wholesale is not limited to any particular industry. You can have them in retail stores and factories. These boxes offer more insulation and protection against temperature changes that happen quickly or aren’t stable.

These boxes have a broad application. For example, you can have them in sporting goods stores that sell weighted equipment and home gyms. Other businesses and industries that use them include furniture and home décor retailers. Moreover, heavy equipment and automotive component manufacturers also make use of them.

Heavier items require more planning and security during their transit. If you use double-wall cardboard boxes, you can pack, ship, and store them without worry. Not just heavy objects, these boxes are also good for protecting fragile items. Their double walls give more protection to delicate products. Therefore, this packaging solution is the best choice for shipping. This type of packaging makes sure items arrive at their destination in one piece. Most importantly, they are used to store and transport hundreds of goods. This list pretty much includes anything that can fit inside. 

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