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Why Choose a Taser/Stun Gun for Protection?

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Tasers and stun guns are among the best self-defense weapons that can even bring down the largest of men. Moreover, they are one of the most convenient and easy-to-use items. When a person gets teased, their whole body goes into a stiff mode where there every muscle in the body contracts making it difficult to move or even talk. Based on the shock intensity, the after-effect can last from half an hour to a full hour.

  • Gives you time to run

It Gives You More Time in a Risky Situation – Possessing personal safety equipment and police supplies can help you handle and manipulate dangerous situations without using excessive force, which is one of their most beneficial advantages.

A violent, belligerent, or dangerous person’s temporary incapacitation can give you control of the situation and give you time to flee, ask for help, or, if necessary, use lethal force.

  • Lower risk

Tasers and other self-defense weapons like them can lower the danger of injury compared to lethal-force weapons, which should come as no surprise.

Despite their tremendous capacity for capture, the great majority of those shocked by CEDs (7%) only suffer minimal or no harm.

So naturally, using a taser can lessen the risk of injury to the person being apprehended by preventing the offender from using a weapon or punch.

  • Use from distance

You might be shocked by how far some stun gun weapons can shoot. For instance, some professional stun guns and other brand devices can be used from a distance of up to 35 feet (or as close as 0 feet), letting you stay out of harm’s way while maintaining your safety and defusing the situation.

Tasers also don’t cause any blowback, making them safer for the person using them at any distance than pepper spray, another good non-lethal choice in some scenarios.

  • Easy to use

It’s cheaper, simpler to learn, and safer than a handgun. Tasers can be a better option for persons who are less experienced with self-defense because they are less regulated and have a far more user-friendly design than pistols.

CED don’t need substantial training or certificates to learn, but they do need the right coaching and depend undoubtedly on accuracy and accurate aim. Mini tasers can also be obtained for less than $15, making them more widely available.

Their non-lethal factor also makes them a better choice for those who are not professionally trained in personal or community defense tactics.

  • Immediate effect

The stun gun for sale at the shop are more effective in rendering suspects immobile than other non-lethal types of force. They can, for instance, stun persons who are intoxicated or drugged, capable of resisting or ignoring pain, and who might not react to other types of self-defense like pepper spray.

They work particularly well when trying to manage motivated, combative suspects or people who are intoxicated or high.

These reasons make stun guns a better option, even in difficult times. So, if you want to keep yourself safe in difficult situations, you can buy a stun gun for sale and use it for personal safety. Ensure you practice it beforehand to learn how they work and what to expect.

Personal Safety Items That you Must Have

When it comes to safety and security, not even government can guarantee 100% safety because it is not practical. Although there is a possibility of life-threatening events, the probability is still low, let alone being in such an incident. However, if you are a person who works in the defense line, has a bad neighborhood, or works a late night shift, then personal safety items are a must for you. These items will help you defend yourself, even when there is no one to help. Here is a list of must-have defense items.


Batons are melee weapons that are used to land powerful blows on the other person. Anyone can use it without needing any special proficiency. So, if anyone stops you, you can use a baton to beat them. You can choose expandable batons, rubber batons, or even steel batons.

Stun gun

Stun guns are powerful pocket-friendly tools that provide top safety and are also used to scare away people. Online defense websites and stores provide stun guns for sale. These guns have a metallic tip that shoots toward the attacker, delivers a powerful electric shock, and causes motion rigidity, making them a reliable and helpful item in adversities.

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a small item that makes a lot of noise. If you ever find yourself stuck in a difficult situation, a personal alarm can be used to attract the attention of people around you and startle the attacker. You can find several types of personal alarms in online defense stores.

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