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What Is the Role of a Project Manager in Translation Services?

by ghisellerousso

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Jawad Ali

If you have never chosen a translation service before, you must think that the only professionals involved in the translation projects are the linguistic experts, and they must be taking care of everything. Well, that’s not true. Project managers play a crucial role in completing your translation projects successfully; they are the first people to communicate with you on behalf of the translation company. 

Linguistic experts are good at translating documents and not managing projects; therefore, things in a translation company will go haywire without a project manager. A translation company relies on its project manager to get things done on time and according to the quality specified by the clients. 

From giving you a quote and accepting your project to communicating the progress of the process and accepting your changes, all these things are done by a project manager. In short, translation project managers look after the translation projects from start to end. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that the translation project runs without a hitch.

Let’s delve a bit deeper and fathom the significant roles and responsibilities of a translation project manager offering traductor oficial

Service Guidance 

Since project managers are known for their excellent service skills, they are responsible for healthy communication with professional translators and clients. They are the one who conveys what the clients want to the translators, and this is how the quality of the project is maintained while meeting the expectation of the clients. 

A translation project is independent of translators only, as even clients have to play their part in making the process successful. If they don’t review or give feedback regarding the progress or the quality of the project, delays can prove detrimental to the workflow and budget. 

Resolves Differences 

In most cases, there are only three people involved in a traductor oficial project, a translator, a proofreader, and an editor. To make a translation project successful, all these people need to be on the same page; otherwise, things will go haywire. The translation project manager does the management of these three professionals. This is another reason project managers play a crucial role in a translation company. 

Whenever differences of opinion arise between the three professionals involved in the translation process, the differences are discussed with the project manager, who then analyzes the situation and tries to bring everyone on the same page to avoid any omission and reduce the chances of errors. 

Keeps the Schedule on Track

Have you ever gone through a phase of sleepless nights wondering whether your translation project will get completed or time or not? While you worry about the timeline, the project manager is responsible for getting things done on or before the deadline. This is why the success of a translation project involving traducciones certificadas depends significantly on how good a project manager is.

A highly skilled project manager is always involved in a traducciones certificadas project and takes the necessary steps to ensure everything gets done on time. According to the situation, there might be a need to increase the workforce, increase the hours spent on the project, or eliminate obstacles slowing down translation speed. The project manager handles all these things. 

Wraps Up the Translation Process

After completing the translation, the project manager communicates every aspect of the translated document to the client and then asks the client to give honest and valuable feedback. Apart from this, after searching for traducciones certificadas near me, the translation project manager you have chosen even reviews the work of every translator for future improvements and training. 

An experienced project manager always remembers to conduct a post-project assessment and takes notes of all the mistakes and improvements for the future. With a good project manager, a translation company can meet the expectation of the clients. 

Understands Your Requirement

Not all translation projects are the same, even when both the source and target languages are similar. Every client has a list of specifications, and the project manager is assigned to incorporate the client’s requirements in the translation project to give the expected results. 

From the quality of the translation to your concerns, everything will be first discussed with the client by the project manager, and only then the translation process begins. 

The next time you search for traducciones certificadas near me, don’t only think about the translators who will be working on your project but be attentive to the project manager who will be dealing with every aspect of the translation process. 

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