What Is An Arborist, And How Do I Find One?

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Having trees and shrubs in your yard accentuates its aesthetics. However, timely trimming ensures that the trees are in good condition. It also maintains the health of the trees. And so you should hire a professional arborist.

Arborists are professionals who specialize in the care of trees and shrubs. They’ll help you diagnose your tree’s health problems, provide solutions and make recommendations on how to best care for it. This detailed, informative article will explore what an arborist does and how to find one.

Read on to know more in detail to have an overall better understanding!

Who Is An Arborist?

In simple words, an arborist is a tree expert. They’re trained in the care and maintenance of trees, so they know how to identify problems during their inspection. They can also help you prune, fertilise, and water your trees. If you’re not sure if you need a tree inspection, here are some signs that might indicate problems:

  • Your trees show signs of stress, such as yellowing leaves, brown spots, or wilting. These could be a sign of pest infestations or disease.
  • Dead branches in your trees can signify that they’re diseased or under attack by pests.
  • The trunk of your tree is partially hollowed out, and woodpeckers have been seen near it.

How Do I Find A Qualified Arborist?

  • Look for a certified arborist. They should have the license to operate and the right set of equipment to complete the task seamlessly.
  • Check if the person has been in business for a while and has references from previous clients.
  • Ask friends, family members, neighbours and co-workers who they recommend as an arborist. Make sure you like what they say! If someone says, “you should go see so-and-so”, then that’s probably a good sign that he or she knows what he/she is talking about (but don’t take our word for it).
  • You can also check out your local phone book under “Arborists” or “Tree Service Companies.” There should be some companies listed there, but they may not all be qualified or insured by their state government which means they’re not necessarily trustworthy either way–you’ll want someone who checks all these boxes before hiring them!

What Should I Consider When Selecting An Arborist?

Before you hire an arborist, you must ask him or her some questions.

  • Do they have references from previous clients?
  • Can you see their license?
  • What are the costs for services and labour?
  • Are they insured, and if so, by whom? Do they have any certifications or specializations related to your needs (such as arboriculture), etc.?

What Should I Ask My Arborist?

Before you hire an arborist, it’s important to ask questions about their background and experience. Here are some things you should be looking for:

  • How long have you been in business? Does he or she have a long history of working with trees? This can help you determine if they’re well-versed in their craft but also gives insight into whether they’ll be able to provide quality care over time.
  • How many trees have you worked on? Do they specialize in certain species of tree (like redwood), or do they handle everything that grows above ground level at once? If so, what skill sets does this person have which make them good at what they do? Is there anything unique about how each one was cared for—was there an issue with pests or disease symptoms present when first examined by doctors who came out afterwards to see if everything was okay after being planted back into soil again after being removed from the ground level during construction projects like building new homes nearby areas where homeowners live near forests where these types houses stand as part.

Why Would I Need More Than One Opinion?

  • You want to make sure you get the best advice.
  • You don’t want to be overcharged when hiring an arborist.
  • You want to ensure you are getting the most value for the money and qualifications of your arborist.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and the tips it provided. Remember that there are many factors to consider when selecting an arborist, so make sure you ask them all the right questions before hiring someone. This way, you can make the most out of your investment.

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