Ways To Wear Eternity Rings

by ghisellerousso

Eternity rings are one of romantic jewellery gifts that you give to your partner on a special occasion. If we look at the tradition, a person gives an eternity ring to his partner as a gift in order to commemorate their anniversary. However, it is not the only occasion in which a person receives it as a gift. In other occasions, such as the birth of a child, graduating from college or completing an important educational course, or getting promoted to a new post in the office and so on, a person can get an eternity ring as a gift from her partner. When it comes to such special occasions, platinum eternity rings or gemstone eternity rings or eternity rings in diamonds are the most common ones.

n this article we shall be looking at some of the ways which you can follow to wear an eternity ring on different special occasions. There are many authentic shops like AG & Sons in the UK where you will get different types of hallmarked and certified jewellery. They are also providing these jewellery pieces online through their websites. If you are looking for eternity rings from their websites, diamond eternity rings are some of the best options you will get.
Let us now have a look at some of the ways which you can follow to wear an eternity ring. But before that we will go through some of the important facts related to these eternity rings.

What is an eternity ring?

Some of you must not have an exact idea about the eternity ring. This further makes you wonder regarding what exactly is an eternity ring. In simple words, an eternity ring is a form of a band consisting of rows of diamonds or gemstones all across the band. There are commonly two types of eternity rings, one is a full eternity ring and the other is a half eternity ring. The full eternity ring is the one that fits under the above definition and a half eternity ring is the one in which the diamonds or the gemstones reach only half way around the band. Diamond half eternity rings, gemstone half-eternity rings and so on are some of the famous half-eternity rings available in the market.

Eternity rings are mostly famous for anniversary gifts and the rows of diamonds or gemstones around the bands signify the eternal love one has for this partner.

Some of the essential information to know while buying an eternity ring

If you are someone who is looking to buy an eternity ring for their partner for a romantic occasion, you must be aware of some of the essential information about this ring before or while buying it. If you plan to buy a full eternity ring, make sure that you know the perfect finger size of your partner. It is because the full eternity rings are completely laden with precious stones, sometimes with white/colourless stones whereas sometimes colourful stones. So you cannot resize it as per the finger size of your partner. Therefore, you should have a proper idea about your partner’s finger size, before buying a full eternity ring. This you can do, if you want to give a surprise. However, if your surprise gift is something else and a full eternity ring is just a part of all the gifts that you want to give your partner, you should definitely take them to the jewellery shop along with you to get a perfect size eternity ring.

If you are someone who wants to surprise their partner, instead of going for a full eternity ring, you can go for a half eternity ring instead. Or you can just know the finger size of your partner and buy the former one. Platinum diamond eternity rings are on trend these days which you can buy for your partner.

Different ways to wear an eternity ring

There are different ways which you can follow to wear an eternity ring. You can either wear it with an engagement ring or with a wedding ring or you can wear all three rings together in order to get a more designer and sophisticated look. Another way which you can follow to wear an eternity ring, an engagement ring and a wedding is to wear them in different fingers in such a way that it gives you a classy and elegant look. If you want to keep your eternity ring as your base instead of the wedding ring, you can wear the former as your base ring, the wedding ring in the middle and the engagement ring near the tip of your finger. You can find different designs and styles of engagement rings in the UK to match with your eternity rings. If you are someone who loves to wear only one ring in either of their hands and an eternity ring is your favourite, you can simply wear the eternity ring without wearing the engagement and wedding rings.

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