Top Ways On How To Guide Your Dogs On Unusual Situations

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Dogs are very bubbly; they roam around and always be curious. They tend to use their senses primarily by sniffing and licking. If you have pets, we all witness these situations and let them do their own thing. But, there are things that we should not spoil our dog on their own; you, as a pet owner, must own up to their behaviors and sometimes assert dominance. In things where you observe where your dog is eating waste or poop, you should be alert and stop them. This problem and habit are called Coprophagia.

Coprophagia is a condition typical for dogs. It does not require you to panic and overthink; hence, the moment you discover Coprophagia, you might think twice about letting your dog do its free will. Indeed, dogs experience this situation, sometimes normalized, but you should do your way as a responsible owner. This article will provide information on how to guide your dog in not putting them in a situation where they will consume poop. Make sure to put the information in your mind and apply it to yourself as a pet guardian and your pet. Please share this with your friends to save more pets from this situation.

Should You Be Scared Of Coprophagia, As a Pet Owner?

The uncomplicated answer is NO. You do not need to be scared of this issue. Instead, it would help if you were mindful of responding to this situation whenever your dog is acting up. Poop is a dirty waste, and dogs consuming it might put your pet at risk. Eating poop could make your dogs inherit intestinal parasites. In addition, intestinal parasites are also present and could expose your dog whenever it is in a dirty place. 

Top Ways On How To Guide Your Dogs On Unusual Situations

  1. When Outside, Guide Your Dog

As a human, you have more capacity to think and assess; you can guide your dog by making them wear a leash or by closely supervising them whenever you walk and do an activity together. This tip is one of the best ways to dodge your dog from eating poop.

  1. Command Your Dog

It is your responsibility as an owner to train and command your dog. It does not require heavy training; perhaps a simple command like “come” or “let’s go” is enough to signal your dog. 

  1. Clean Their Habitat

Sometimes, you cannot control your dogs on where and when to poop. There will always be situations where they will poop on their cage, meaning they will be close to it before your dogs make multiple contacts with their waste and regularly monitor and clean their habitat.

  1. Go To A Professional For Further Information

As a pet owner, you must know the deep whats and whys of your dog’s behavior. You can speak about this situation to your vet to fully cover and understand this situation, and you can educate other pet-owner.

  1. Feed Your Dog In A Clean Place

Please do not make your dog consume their food in a place where they eliminate their waste. Remember, they are very curious and might not help but taste the poop. So, please put them in a clear area to take their food, so they can solely focus on it.

When To Call For Help?

Indeed, this is a normal situation, but it would be best if you still have your dog get a consultation from a professional and trusted vet. Also, if your dog starts showing unusual behaviors like low energy, low-calorie intake, and more, getting your dog to a vet is more urgent. We highly recommend Vetster, a vet where your consultation can be online and open 24/7. Also, Vetster is open to any services for your pets. 

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