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How Does A Mean Stack Development Company Works?

by ghisellerousso

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Ali Hamza

By using MEAN advancement, programmers are able to create dynamic web applications and websites using free, open-source technology.

MEAN stack developers utilise the four technologies that comprise the MEAN stack to build web-based applications.

The job isn’t much different from that of to hire mean stack developer. They also have to work with the back and front end systems.

Other Common Duties And Expectations Include:

Experience working on each layer in the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express, and the Angular framework and Node.js.

  • Working knowledge of jQuery, PHP, and Symfony
  • Testing web-based applications
  • Implementing web-based applications
  • Designing modules
  • Designing databases
  • Integration of APIs

The Advantages From Mean Stack Architecture

What’s the reason that has led MEAN Stack to go from a LinkedIn popular group to the most popular option for developing web applications all over the world?

The tech stack doesn’t simply possess a few pros. It’s got a lot of advantages that have led to its popularity:

Open Source

Every component in the MEAN stack is composed of open-source, free technologies. Therefore, mean stack developer are able to use open-source repositories and libraries during the process of development.

One of the advantages of open technology is that its technology is constantly updated. Developers also have access to the growing communities to ask questions, gain ideas, and discover solutions to problems they might confront.

Switch Easily Between Clients And Switch Easily Between Server And Client

MEAN Stack MEAN Stack is written in one programming language, namely JavaScript. Since web applications are written using one programming language, the developers are able to quickly switch between clients and servers.

There’s no requirement to have an independent server. Instead they can install web-based applications to the server.


One of the most significant benefits that come with MEAN creation is the versatility. The usage of one code technology (JavaScript) along with MongoDB makes the stack highly flexible.

The universal code runs across both clients as well as the server. This allows the mean stack Development Company to be more flexible when they want to switch frameworks while developing. You can also host your project on the cloud with MongoDB.

Developers can also easily include new modules and features during or following development. You can build prototypes, modify them to meet your needs and develop websites that are scalable without any hassle.


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We’ve previously mentioned that MEAN is completely free and has a distinct benefit for companies. Developers need only one programming language for building effectively on the technology stack.

Businesses that build using MEAN Stack MEAN Stack can also focus heavily on the hiring of JavaScript experts.


MEAN is particularly helpful when you have a tight schedule. Developers don’t have to build new modules completely from scratch. In lieu, mean stack development services can rely on the module directory libraries that are available within Node.js.

Additionally, you don’t need to look for bugs. You’ll be notified immediately when a feature breaks and gives you time to repair it before you proceed to the next phase of your project.

Another feature that can save time? MongoDB, AngularJS, and Node JS all use JSON to store data, which means there’s no reason to alter data. Are you looking to make adjustments in real-time?

You’re fortunate to be here. Traditional web-based applications require users to refresh their pages each time you need to view the outcome of a server’s request.

MEAN utilises single-page apps which mean that you don’t need to keep refreshing web pages with each server request.

The Cons

Like all tech stacks there are some limitations for MEAN. The first is that you need to be familiar with JavaScript for it to work.

A brief overview of JavaScript’s programming language won’t suffice and you should refresh your knowledge or hire a professional in case you’re planning to use MEAN. MEAN stack.

If you’re in a high-load scenario there’s a possibility that you’ll lose the records created by MongoDB. The database generally is consistent but this is an option worth taking note of.

Do not forget to take into account the security of your data. MEAN stacks are young in comparison to other tech stacks this makes it more appealing to hackers who might be interested in it.

Additionally, since it’s a relatively new technology stack, you won’t have the same amount of sources as you’d find for Ruby, Python, or PHP.

The Importance Of MEAN Stack In Web And Mobile App Development

JavaScript connects all four technologies in the MEAN stack. These are the main attributes that make this stack very popular with entrepreneurs and senior Laravel developer alike.

The Same Language

One of the main advantages of using the MEAN stacks for Web application development is that it provides the identical language JavaScript for front-end as well as back-end development.

Developers can write elegant code within their MEAN stack. Node.js handles the server-side programming and AngularJS can be useful for client-side programming. This makes it possible for the developers to reuse code from the backend to the frontend.


When businesses choose to hire MEAN stack experts, they do not need to hire dedicated Laravel developer since MEAN stack encompasses all aspects of development. This team of Java developers can work in better coordination to finish the mobile and web app projects in time.

This could allow businesses to cut back on development costs for apps and developers’ costs per hour. In this manner, MEAN stack development remains affordable for companies.

Mongodb Advantage

However, if you are looking to share and store large quantities in data MongoDB can be the best database to use. It is simpler to create a field in MongoDB when compared with other databases.

Furthermore, MongoDB is a document model database, making it easy to use with many applications. It functions as objects in every programming language that uses an object-oriented approach.

Utilisation Of JSON

JSON format is a good choice for data exchange. JSON format is helpful to exchange data between different layers.

JSON allows data conversion in the server-side as well as the client-side interactions and developers do not need to make use of any libraries to accomplish the similar.

Node.Js And Angularjs

Both of these frameworks based on JavaScript can be extremely useful in the development of custom web applications that are user-friendly and easy to use.

Node.js is a runtime application that functions as an internet server to develop backend applications. AngularJS however can be used for front-end development.

In conjunction with MEAN stack, developers will be able to have an integrated web server as Node.js within the application. Additionally, Node.js is very fast and adaptable when compared to other web servers that are available and AngularJS has the capacity to handle modifications in the future.

Furthermore, all the technologies that are used within the MEAN stack are free to use.  It is possible to modify your app with ease. MEAN stack development firm can modify your app easily anytime.

Let’s look at the key benefits of MEAN stack for mobile and web application development.

Top Benefits Of Choosing Mean Stack For Your App Development Project

Here’s a list of MEAN stack advantages that make it the most popular choice for mobile and web application development.

Saves Time

Flexible, quick switching and fast real-time updates can help save development time by using MEAN. Additionally is that the MEAN stack comes with an endless collection of modules for Node.js which developers can utilise at any point?

Real-Time Web Apps

As compared to other technology options In comparison to other technologies, in comparison to other technologies, the MEAN stack is the best choice to build real-time web apps. 


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MEAN stack creation is quick and lets developers utilise Node.js to serve as the Web server. Through the integration of AngularJS and Node.js within the exact same framework, it’s simple for programmers to toggle between server and client.

Additionally, the MEAN stack lets developers eliminate the need for a LAMP stack as well as Apache and reduce development time.

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