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A Guide about the blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas City

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Here is all the information you need to know about Blue Merle Aussiedoodles. However, Aussiedoodle became well-known in the 1900s. They are trendy for people to adopt as happy pets today. The Australian shepherd and poodle breeds were crossed to create these doodles.

Other names for them include Aussiedoodle and Aussiepoo, which are also well-recognized. These Aussiedoodles come in a range of lovely colors. The Blue Merle Aussiedoodle stands out among them. This Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is black; it is called blue because of the bluish tint on its coat.

Due to their high activity level, it is challenging to confine this breed to a house or an area close to it. These puppies are also quite expensive; a blue merle Aussie doodle costs around $10,000. However, there are still choices, such as adoption from neighborhood animal shelters. However, they guarantee that you and your family will receive love and care in the home, along with quality time and company.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle characteristics

The blue or brown eyes and black nose of a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle. The entire Aussiedoodle will be black without the Merle gene’s ability to produce variable color. They are excellent house pets because of their friendly attitude toward kids and other animals. The top blue Merle Aussiedoodle for sale is simple to find online.

Additionally, if this is your first dog, don’t be concerned; the blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas City is relatively easy to take care of. It would be best if you gave your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle the proper care, which takes 30 to 60 minutes daily. When you go for a morning run or walk, you can bring your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle for excellent companionship.

In this article, we will make an effort to include all the details about blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas City people need to know before purchasing them. Our experts thoroughly analyzed the temperament, viewpoint, and nature of these Aussiedoodle dogs. They presented a paper with their results here. Therefore, continue reading our text; undoubtedly, you will learn a lot about Blue Merle Aussiedoodle.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle overview

Here, we talk about several blue Merle-related facts. You can get a thorough summary of them from the points below. You should read these points carefully before purchasing because they will inform you greatly about blue Merle Aussiedoodles.

The Blue Merle Aussiedoodle’s Appearance

The traits of DNA that you inherit from your parents determine how your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle will look. As a result, it could resemble its parents greatly. In some instances, there may be some variance. They often weigh between 25 and 75 pounds and are 14 to 23 inches longer than average.

The length and weight of the toy Aussiedoodle are smaller at 10 inches and 4 to 6 pounds, respectively. Slandered Aussiedoodle is also 15 inches taller and weighs between 40 and 70 pounds heavier. The Mini Aussiedoodle is 10–15 inches taller and weighs between 10–15 pounds.

The eye color of your Blue Merle Aussiedoodle can vary quite a bit. The eyes’ hues may remain constant over a person’s lifetime or change as they age. The Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is often brown, but this is not always the case. It is adorable to see a blue merle Aussiedoodle with blue eyes.

Some blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas City are born with blue eyes, but their color changes from blue to brown over time. Another possibility is to have blue and brown eyes concurrently.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle grooming

When Merle was young, his poodle dad gave him the coat, which he now brushes daily. After eight to twelve weeks, the blue Merle Aussiedoodle’s hair should be trimmed, and the breed has to be washed every day. The dog’s nails need to be cut appropriately for optimum grooming.

The dog’s ears need to be washed with a damp towel and dried with another. The blue Merle’s nails should also be trimmed appropriately. Additionally, it would help if you cleaned your teeth. The blue Merle breed might have a waterproof, longer, straighter-wavy Australian shepherd coat or a poodle’s soft, curly coat.

The finest Aussie Doodles for shedding are those with tightly curled hair. The tight curls have the advantage of not replacing the hairs and holding them in place. Blue Merle Aussie doodles can have either wavy or straight coats. However, those with consecutive skins lose more than those with wavy ones.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle’s condition of health

The Blue Merle is generally in good health, and they can live for 10 to 12 years with proper care. It’s possible that they could get some of their parents’ health issues. They are less likely to contract these diseases because they are hybrids. There are many risks, but it’s unlikely that they will materialize.


Blue Merle Aussiedoodle Kansas City have stunning appearances and outgoing personalities, making them an appealing and practical choice for a pet. They are gorgeous beings that can increase your degree of delight and happiness. The eye’s varying color is quite alluring. Additionally, they are simple to operate and maintain.

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