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10 Tips to Eliminate Awkwardness & Master Public Speaking

by ghisellerousso

A lot of people are more scared of public speaking than seeing horror films at night alone.

I know that sounds outrageous, but it seems OK when carefully thinking about it.

Our precursors required each other to survive. Social acknowledgment or dismissal implied the distinction between life and death.

If there’s one circumstance where you risk mass dismissal, it is a public speaking event!

However, speaking in public is a fundamental ability in the present work scenario.

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How to Replace Your Fear with Confidence While Speaking in Public?

Let’s have a look –

Being Nervous is Normal

Do you remember that day when your teachers forced you to say something about Independence Day in the hall in front of everyone? Yes, you indeed do. Because your hands started sweating and trembling, your heart skipped beats, and you were speechless!

That day can be the cause of many students’ mental trauma.

But when you understand the inner truth of public speaking, you may reconsider trying it.

Remember, some nervousness is good for us. But, you have to overcome the anxiety and believe in yourself.

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On the other hand, prepare yourself and light the stage with your confidence!

Learn who is Your Audience

Can you guess what Donald Trump is saying in this picture? Yeah, I also can’t, but it seems his audience is listening to him.

He knew his audiences well, which is why they had listened to him for four years.

You need to explore your audiences. You need to know how they talk, what they want to hear, what issues they often face, what makes them happy, etc., before you give a speech to them. The purpose of your speech is for them, not you; remember that.

So, plan your words, how much information you will provide, or how much motivation you will offer.

“To elude a storm, you can either sail into it or around it. But you must never await its coming.”

-House of Dragon

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Organize Your Material

Yes, I know you are nervous. But you should learn to deal with it with care when you can’t skip it.

Actually, public speaking is necessary for most jobs. If you can communicate with your target audience well, you have already done 60% of your job.

However, it needs some organization. For example, you need to know how to say the introductory lines, what points you are going to include, the purpose of your speech, etc.

You have to attract your audience in less than 60 seconds. So, be ready.

Hook Them in Your Speech

Do you want your audience to make faces like that?

I think the answer is NO. So, say something that equally attracts each people of your audience. You can apply some humor while addressing them.

Try to avoid speaking fast. For example, do you remember how Harry Potter reached “Knockturn Alley” without going to “Diagon Alley” because he said it wrong in a hurry?

You have no need to talk faster. Take your time. Throw your speech to your audience in slow motion. It will reduce the nervousness in your speech and work like a magic spell that fills your audiences’ hearts.

Do Not Pretend

Do not mask yourself. Before giving the speech, ask yourself, “Do I mean what I’m going to say in front of the public?”

If your answer is YES, step forward.

Try to hold your originality whenever you are in a conversation or giving a speech. You have no need to become a talking head.

In this way, you can attract your audience more. They will also start to trust your words when your personality shines.

Tell a Story

When you start your discourse, you just have one moment to establish a decent connection with your crowd.

Infuse an entertaining story in your show, and you will unquestionably catch your crowd’s eye. Crowds are commonly like an individual touch in a public speech.

A story, tale, or question can provoke their interest and make them need to continue to tune in.

So, what’s your story?

Make Eye Contact

Not this one, but I guess you understand what I mean when saying about eye contact.

Eye-to-eye connection conveys truthfulness, compassion, genuineness, and closeness.

So, make sure you are doing it while giving a speech in front of the public.

Use Positive Body Language

Your non-verbal communication mixes your motions, looks, and developments.

It’s an essential piece of how we convey. It assists your crowd with bettering figure out the subtleties of your message.

To send or appears to be garbled, your discourse will confound.

When you confound individuals, you lose them.


  • Stand upright and abstain from slumping if you can do that.
  • Ensure your look is similar to your message.
  • Remain still. Steady development can occupy your crowd or meaningfully impact how they accept your message.
  • Practice power presents before your speaking day. It lessens pressure and lifts your confidence level.
  • Try to stand with your feet separated and arms extended up. Take a couple of full breaths, then see how you feel.
  • Watch a TED Talk and recognize the non-verbal communication that powerful communicators use.

Learn where to Take Pause

“The most precious thing in speech is pauses.”

-Ralph David Richardson

Do you know that the most excellent public speakers pause for a few seconds or more while giving a speech?

It is because it allows some time for the audience to absorb what you are saying. It shows the confidence you have and makes your speech important.

So, avoid filling your pauses with fillers and let your pauses work in their way in the people’s heads.

Don’t forget to Ask for Feedback

You need to know what your audience thinks about your speech. So, you must collect feedback.

If your speech seems original, listeners will pay attention and provide positive feedback.

However, you can ask for it just like a survey and improve yourself as per the answers.

Final Thoughts,

So, now you know how to hypnotize your audience in your speech. Of course, communication can’t be perfect but you can minimize all the issues you had before implementing these tips.

So, keep on practicing, and after all of these, you will feel confident.

You will think about yourself the same as Jack Dawson thought when he set his foot on

So, take your time, do whatever you have to do, and then come out from your cocoon and conquer the world with your excellent public speaking skills!

About the Author,

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