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Tips for iOS App Development Usability

by abdul waheed

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iOS – The mobile operating system that was initially developed for the iPhone. It has since been extended to other Apple devices like the iPad, Apple TV, iWatch, and iPod Touch. Apple is a well-known brand that has proven to the world its commitment to innovation and reliability. Apple continues to improve the usability of its iOS applications every year.

You might be asked why iOS apps are better than other apps if you’re an iOS app developer. It is likely that you have spent hours learning how to create an app that users love, and how to use standard app development practices. Usability is the most important aspect. The reason iOS apps are preferred over other apps is their usability.

Design and iOS app development is important and should be considered carefully in order to ensure high usability. We will be listing some useful features that you can add to your iOS apps to improve usability. Although the app store is full of many apps, only a handful of them is able to make their users love it. The broad term user-experience is itself a broad one.

Tips for iOS App Development Usability

  • Keep your design simple
  • Improve Findability
  • Option for Quick Launch
  • Interactive Push Notifications
  • App with 3D Touch
  • Slide Over and Split Screen
  • Extensions
  • TouchID Authentication

Let’s see how we can get the most from it in our apps.

Keep your design simple

Your goal is to make sure your users are happy with your app. Your efforts will be worthwhile if they are satisfied. Set goals for the user interface. When you are trying to achieve your goals, be aware of the obstacles.

You can also relate to your target audience and the app’s functions to help you design the app. The app must be understood by the users. Do not add unnecessary features that will distract them from the intended path. Use minimalistic design principles to create an easy-to-use approach.

Improve Findability

If the user can easily search for the product or service they are looking for within the app, this would be a plus. If your user is unable to find the right product or service in the app, he may get frustrated and leave. You may lose a lot of money if your user leaves a negative review and downgrades the app.

To improve your searchability for all products, services, or content quickly and easily, you can create an in-app search engine.

To improve your app’s findability, you can use a variety of search options, such as faceted search, suggestive, and filtered search. This will make it easier for users to find the app. The app’s improved search makes it easy for users to navigate the app.

Options for quick launch

This is a great tip. Users feel like they have too many apps and folders. This pain point can be used to your app’s advantage. Your users can quickly launch your app from their home screen using ‘quick launch options.

Interactive Push Notifications

To engage users, app publishers send push notifications or pop-ups. If it isn’t pushing users to take action, think about what it might be doing. Try making push notifications interactive. Make sure to use simple buttons that users can easily press to reach the desired actions.

Push notifications are generally used to display the most recent deals, such as sports updates, coupon codes, flash sales, etc. To get immediate feedback from users, you can use real-time data. After finding the content that interests them, users will take important actions. You can take advantage of all this by creating interactive push notifications according to the nature and purpose of your app.

App with 3D Touch

3D touch is a great way to add functionality to your app. 3D touch allows users to preview content before they are actually viewed. 3D touch allows for greater user interaction and visibility in the app store. By integrating 3D touch into your app, you can reach maximum users.

Slide Over and Split Screen

Users may sometimes feel frustrated by using too many apps at once. Users can’t open multiple apps at once, so they must close one app and start the next. This feature can be added to your next app by developers. It saves time and effort for users. Users can use two apps simultaneously on the same screen, without having to leave one.

Multitasking on the screen is similar to it, which improves productivity. This feature is optimized to work with iPad apps. The main multitasking functions include Split View, Slide Over, and Picture-in-Picture.

Split view allows you to optimize two apps simultaneously and adjusts the screen distribution to suit your viewing preferences. Picture-in-picture allows you to view the video side-by-side and optimize other apps such as checking email. New feature storyboards are also available that support all screen rotations.


You can create a workflow and outsource tasks to other apps that are better at the task. App extensions are a type of extension. This app extension feature allows you to post updates about package delivery and embed photo editing tools into your gallery or camera. The app extension feature allows users to select the services they want for storage, sharing, and document provider. Developers can then focus on their main features when developing iOS apps.

TouchID Authentication

Anyone can be put off by typing a password or using a password manager. TouchID authentication allows your users to securely access the app quickly. To set up Touch ID you will need to create a passcode. It’s a fingerprint authentication that allows you to authenticate the app with a fingerprint. It is safe and widely used in many apps to prevent typing username/password.

ConclusionIf implemented correctly, there are many features that can enhance the user’s experience. An iOS App development company continues to work hard to improve the usability of their apps in order to satisfy their clients. You should be prepared for any unexpected problems. It is important that your app has been tested for bugs and errors before it is released. Register them before you upload them to the app store.

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