The Main Types of Mining And Their Differences

by Hassan Abbas

The mining industry has a storied history of providing excellent jobs and serving as the basis for our manufacturing industry for many years. The way that different items are extracted from the ground varies based on the area and the items that need to be extracted. In this article we will go through some of the main types of mining and their differences:

Surface mining:

Surface mining is one of the oldest forms of mining and it takes place just below the ground level. Surface mining is also called open pit mining and it involves opening up the ground and removing the overburden to remove the raw materials and process. 

Underground mining:

Underground mining involves digging deep in the earth to find odd that exist well belowground. Underground mining can be more dangerous than surface mining and it often involves tunneling on the nine valuable rocket components to tunnel deep into the earth and find a resource for extraction. 

In Situ Mining:

This is a type of mining that involves using chemical solutions to dissolve minerals and pump solutions out of the mine for processing. This type of mining requires careful consideration to ensure that the types do not affect the surrounding geology or groundwater and it cannot be used for items like precious metals which could be dissolved. 

Placer mining:

Placer mining involves rinsing 50 unconsolidated materials that have sediments within them. It usually involves surveying a target area and then mining resources out of recoverable resources that are easy to move and extract. In areas like riverbeds or sediment rock, this can be a popular method for acquiring gemstones or gold.

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