Things to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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We all understand that body hair is natural. But permanent hair removal is some of the needs and goals of many individuals. Here, laser hair removal is a worthy treatment.

Lasers help remove ingrown and unwanted hair. In addition, any issues like hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones because of excessive hair growth can also be treated.

Are you also thinking about visiting a laser clinic in Canberra to get laser hair removal treatment done?

You need to know that while lasers are effective in many aspects, you can not expect instant results. Almost 8-12 sessions are recommended by the specialists to see the desired outcomes. Additionally, the treatment efficacy or the number of seatings required depends on the area where hair removal is essential.

Let us discuss the things you must be aware of and certain questions you must ask from the experts before experiencing the treatment yourself.

Basic Things to Learn About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Works More Quickly on Some Body Areas Than Others

Many dermatologists recommend and assure the laser’s effectiveness in hair removal of the overall body. However, there are some body parts where the laser process works much faster. The most common and popular areas all include the underarms, lower legs, bikini line, and face. Even the underarm area is the one that responds much more quickly because it is the fairest body area of all and is less exposed to the sun.

Additionally, getting rid of underarm hair using a laser prevents you from getting treatment for underarm sweating from specialists. After all, it is the excessive hair growth in the armpits that trigger sweat.

Can You Expect Instant Results

Laser is not a one-time deal that will pay you off instantly. When you need to get rid of a certain body part hair, it will require multiple sessions. Also, the guarantee of permanent hair removal is still uncertain. For seeing at least 90 percent of the specific hair removed, 8-10 sessions are necessary. Also, these numbers can vary depending on the certain area that needs therapy. After all, the areas with finer hair will be challenging to target, thus requiring increased treatment sessions. Moreover, the dermatologists recommend a sufficient gap between each session. The reason is hair in different parts of the body grows at varying times.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is Not for Everyone

Yes, it is another thing to know about laser treatment for hair removal. This treatment is not for everybody. People with dark and thick hair and light skin tone can expect to have hair removal. However, this treatment can be a concern for natural blondes. It does not assure effective results for people with gray, blonde, or red hair. Also, sometimes the light hair color has less pigmentation. It becomes challenging to absorb the laser energy from the area that requires treatment and damages the hair follicles as a result.

Consult dermatologists to learn how laser hair removal affects people with darker skin tones. The cause is that the heat from the therapy might cause black skin to become hyperpigmented. Visiting and receiving care at a reputable laser clinic that uses correct devices and assures skin safety is essential.

Results to Expect

Treatment with laser hair removal targets existing body hair, not newly developed hair. Additional sessions are necessary because of this, whether you schedule them once a year or whenever you see them vital. Additionally, the hormonal changes impact the additional hair growth and require maintenance to prevent hair growth.

How to Prepare for Your Laser Treatment

You might have done sufficient research and booked an appointment. Here, you need to ensure that you pack your bags rightly and stock up with the essentials. Get adequate water as the treatment to avoid any dehydration or sensitivity.

Furthermore, focus on what you are going to wear to your appointment day. If the body part that is covered all the time is to be treated, wear loose-fitted clothes. It will help to prevent any skin irritation or rubbing of clothing against the skin. Also, ask the dermatologist to provide the topical treatment after the session is over.

Is Laser Therapy Painful?

The laser is the only light source, yet when it centralizes the light on the skin, warmth is produced. It is not as painful as any other treatment, and many people find it to be quite tolerable. Dermatologists simply apply a cooling spray or ice compresses to lessen the tingling feeling. Thus decreasing the likelihood of a skin reaction.

Change Beauty Products and Skincare Regime

Glycolic acid, retinoid gels, and scrubs will only irritate the skin or increase inflammation. Hence, avoid using any of these before and after the few days of treatment.

Additionally, dermatology doctors who use the same before and after therapy refrain from chemical peeling for at least 2-3 weeks. You can simply use face mists to avoid skin dryness.

Consult With Certified and Reputable Dermatologists

Patients in need of hair removal treatment must understand lasers are not easy. It comes with some skin or health issues like burns and pigmentation if done by an unprofessional dermatologist. Hence, it is best to go with finding and booking an appointment with a certified provider.

Also, getting treated by a reputable dermatologist assures the best possible results. They can provide the treatment in the best way because they know how to do laser settings according to one’s hair and skin type.

Aftercare Tips

  • Dermatologists recommend regular use of sunscreen to take proper care of skin.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure after getting hair removal treatment. Also, it is better to use topical cream when at home. It can include gels like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and turmeric.
  • The skin can react and the effects may last for many days in exceptional cases. Hence, considering topical creams can be helpful to lower inflammation. Furthermore, it will diminish the risks of hyperpigmentation.
  • After a session, skin sensitivity may develop. Although the swelling surrounding the hair follicles is typical, hydrocortisone cream can be helpful in severe situations. This will lessen skin irritability.

Additionally, make sure the laser specialist applies colling jelly after performing the procedure to prevent skin overheating.


Laser hair removal procedure costs depend on several factors like area size to be treated, the expertise of the service provider, and more. But remember that not all affordable or too expensive treatments are worth it. So, whenever choosing the laser for hair removal, perform thorough research first. Also, consult with a licensed dermatologist so you can save time, money, and skin from getting influenced in any aspect.

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