North Carolina Passenger Rail Service Ridership Breaks Record

by Hassan Abbas

Ridership has significantly increased throughout September in North Carolina so much so that the Department of Transportation has not seen ridership levels as high in its 32-year history. Trained in this area have received over 48,000 passengers during the month of September which is a ridership increase of 32% on average. These limits haven’t been seen since pre-pandemic times and it may be an indication that more people in North Carolina are turning towards the train for their commuting and transportation needs. 

With so many people choosing rail transportation the governor of North Carolina is suggesting that more efficient transportation options and investment in North Carolina trains co-connect communities and improve the demand for passenger rail. 

Several communities across North Carolina including Raleigh and Charlotte will have stopped along the passenger rail as well as communities like Kannapolis, Salisbury, Greensboro, and others. This line has operated since 1998 and offers regular rides to thousands of passengers with free Wi-Fi outlets and large picture windows for sightseeing. 

There are four daily trips between Charlotte and Raleigh, which were extended in the year 2018 ensuring that more travelers that were seeking transportation options could take the high-performance passenger rail. The line is planning on expanding into an S line which would improve the passenger rail corridor and offer travelers the option to travel between Raleigh and Richmond. The type of expansion in Krugman to the rail lines will also be coupled with the use of cleaner technology. Riding the train can be one of the most affordable ways that you can get across the area and when coupled with new and efficient technology, it will become easier to remove the stress that comes with taking the train passengers in the environment. As demand continues we could keep further investment in the future of passenger rail across North Carolina.

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