Significance of flowers for Diwali

by ghisellerousso

The flower is the most beautiful gift of nature. If I will say the flower is beautiful, mystery then it won’t be wrong. The flower is something that has multiple uses and significance. When we talk about gifting still choose, a flower according to its significance. For example, to express love we give a red rose. To express friendship we give a yellow rose.  To showcase peace we give white flowers. Not only flowers but also the significance of their colors so many things.  As you all know Diwali is on its way and our Diwali decorations to gifting are incomplete without flowers. But now the question is which flower we should use for Diwali. Ok, so today, I will tell you which flower you should use for Diwali for which purpose according to their significance. Ok so let’s the journey of finding the flower for this Diwali.


Marigold flowers, you must have seen in all kinds of decoration. Whether the decoration is simple, grand, sad or happy. Purpose doesn’t matter, but the marigold flower will be there. I’m sure whenever you have ordered flowers. Marigold must be top of your list. You may not know but it is also known as the ” Herb of the Sun”. It has significant passion and creativity. This is the reason why we order flowers online for Diwali. Marigold flowers can’t be off the list. Also, it has so many other, uses like its fragrance makes you happy. It will keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Also, we use it for the worship of lord Ganesha, and Vishnu and for making garlands. 


Rose is one of the most beautiful and favorite flowers every one. This is the flower that we use for decoration, medicine, gift, and most importantly for worshipping Lord Ganesha and Laxmi. During Diwali puja significantly offer to lord Ganesha and Laxmi in Laxmi puja on Diwali night. 


Lotus is one of the most beautiful, and rarely found flowers. You will not find this flower easily. Even for growing lotus, you need a special environment. Now let’s talk about its significance in Diwali. Before saying anything, we all lotus is the favorite flower of lord Laxmi. She use to sit on lotus flowers. Lotus flower significant prosperity, wealth, and happiness. Lotus has a very unique fragrance that attracts everyone and makes you feel stress-free. 

Red Hibiscus

Red hibiscus also has unlimited uses just like other flowers. It has medicinal uses as well as spiritual uses. If we talk about its significance in Diwali. As we all know, we use to do Kali puja on the night of Diwali, and red hibiscus is the favorite flower of lord Kali. The petals of the hibiscus flower symbolize the tongue of lord Kali. This is the reason you have seen all the puja of lord kali, Durga is incomplete without red hibiscus flowers. 

Mango leaves

You might be thinking why are mango leaves on this list? But let me tell you, in the Hindu religion none of the auspicious occasions can be done without using mango leaves.  Even in Diwali puja to decor, you will find mango leaves everywhere. So this year, if you are ordering for flower delivery in Mumbai or anywhere. Make sure mango leaves should be on your list. During Diwali, we used to hang mango leaves on our main door, which we call “toran”. It says that it symbolizes good fortune and also lord Laxmi likes mango leaves. 


You must have heard about this flower. If not, then don’t worry today, I will tell you its importance or significance. Palash is the favorite flower of the lord Saraswati. As you know, lord Saraswati is the ” Goddess of Wisdom” according to Hindu mythology. So on the night of Diwali lots of people do worship lord Saraswati also. It is significant not only for lots of wisdom as it is lord Saraswati’s favorite flower but also for peace. Because you know white is the color of peace. 

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I’m sure now you are clear in your mind, about which flower you have to order this Diwali. Because I have given you full details about the flowers that you can use for decoration, gifting and most importantly worship. Also one pro tip for you. If you want to make your Diwali gift extra special for loved ones. Don’t forget to add mango leaves to the gift decoration. It will add good fortune, happiness and lots of good wishes for your dear ones from you. So make your Diwali and others’ Diwali happy and prosperous without harming environment. 

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