Are you thinking about selling your home? Most American citizens think that selling a house as is can be a pretty daunting task. All the processes involved in selling your home can become a bit too much for you if you do not know how to go about them.

Selling a house can be a costly affair, even if it is you who is selling a property! One way to avoid investing in a house you want to sell is to sell it as is. The most hassle-free way of selling homes is using the Houzeo app or website. In this blog, we will tell you how Houzeo makes selling a home very easy and why it is the number 1 FSBO website. But more importantly, we provide you with the best tips for selling your home.

What is the meaning of ‘selling a house as-is’?

If you as a home seller are selling a house as is in America, buyers understand you are not going to do any up-gradation. They have to buy it without any repairs done. With the ‘as-is’ tag, you are not leaving any scope of bargaining, even if a home inspector detects an issue. While selling a house without any repairs, you should price it lower than other properties selling after they got additional work done. Otherwise, buyers will not show interest in buying an expensive house on which they will have to spend more on repairs. One of the most effective ways is to list on MLS.

Key tips for selling your home

As a home seller, you must be prepared and be informed about everything that is involved in the sale. There are a few things which you need to know while selling a house in America. To make the entire process seamless, even if you are selling a house for the first time, you should follow these tips for selling your home:

Think business

Act like a salesperson and do not display emotions. Present a positive image of your house and tell buyers how the house can add to their lifestyle. If you keep emotions in check, you will be able to handle financial dealings more deftly.

List your home on FSBO websites

If you use for sale by owner websites like Houzeo, you will save on paying a hefty commission to any agent. Visit us to learn about how you can sell your house fast. A real estate agent charges about 5 to 6% of the total sale price. This means you will be saving thousands of dollars on an FSBO website.


In this age of technology, why not take the help of a prop-tech platform for selling your home? These are popularly known as MLS platforms and Houzeo is the most advanced of all the flat fee MLS platforms. It will help you with the marketing and reach the widest audience possible. Even then you must do some research on your own so that you can set a perfect selling price. You might want to know more state-wise details about selling a house in the US. You can also appoint a real-estate attorney who will see you through the transactions.

Set a realistic asking price

Look at the other houses in the market in your area and do a comparative market analysis. As a home seller, your biggest mistake is to price your home too high. This will put off many buyers, especially when you are selling a house as-is. When the asking price is affordable, you will receive enough offers to have the luxury of bidding to multiple interested buyers.

Sell when the time is right

Keep the season in mind, avoid selling your home in winter. Home sales dip in the holiday season. You will have to wait for a much longer time as people will either stay at home because of the cold or have social events to attend.

List high-quality photos of your home

Having photos adds a certain amount of credibility to a listing, as buyers feel they get what they see. Otherwise, words can be deceptive. But it is equally important to take flattering photos which would make your home appealing and stand out from the rest. Use your mobile to give a video tour or upload a 360-degree image of your home. Furthermore, you can hire a real estate photographer.

Disclose the major issues with the property

Moreover, there might be disclosure rules in your state. Accordingly, you are either bound to disclose the problems with the house if the buyer asks, or you have to disclose the major issues voluntarily. There is no point in being sneaky because the buyer’s inspection will reveal any big issue. When you are selling a house as-is, you should ideally offer a credit to the buyer and list your home at a regular price. Or you should keep the price lower than the market value.

Prepare yourself and the house for the sale

You do not even need to hire a professional to stage your home. Clean it yourself to make it ready, it has been your home after all. A friend might help in detecting spots you have missed attending. If you are not willing to fix anything major, the least you can do is clean, declutter and make the space odor-free. Otherwise, an unkempt house will affect the sales price.


There are two major benefits of selling a house as is in America, or anywhere else. You will save a hefty sum of money by avoiding renovations. Major improvements are enough for you to run into debts, and doing so while selling a house is not worth it. The second advantage is that you will save a lot of precious time. You do not have to wait for contractors to complete all the repairs. You can also avoid the mortgage removal process altogether.

There are about a dozen top-notch For sale by Owner websites. Some are free and some are paid FSBO listing sites. Such websites help you to avoid a realtor fee and also see that you get the best value for your house. The most recommended and popular real-estate tech company is Houzeo. It will provide you with all the support you need to sell your house on your terms. Many satisfied customers have given 5-star reviews. Houzeo provides MLS access, offers management, and shows management too. When selling a house as is in America, see how hassle-free the entire process can be through a smooth online experience.

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