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Minecraft Dead Bush: How To Get It? How Can We Construct Dead Bush

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In Desert Biomes, the Dead Bush is an attractive piece of flora that sprouts on sand blocks. They’re similar to High Grass because they don’t restrict player movement and may be broken with any tool—even your bare hands. A Dead Bush, unlike Tall Grass, does not drop anything but can be gotten by destroying it with shears.


The item’s name is a description, and (Minecraft ID Name) seems to be the string value used in-game commands.

  • The item’s internal number is the Minecraft ID.

If more than one type of block exists again for Minecraft ID, the Data Value (or damage number) identifies that variety of the block.

The max stack size for this item is Stack Size. While certain things in Minecraft can be stacked to a maximum of 64, others can be stacked to a maximum of 16 or 1. (Please note that these stacking sizes are only for vanilla Minecraft.) If you’re using a mod, it may change your stacking size.

How to construct a Dead Bush?

A dead bush is an item that can’t be made with a crafting bench or furnace in Minecraft.

Materials Needed

These are all the materials you could use to gather a dead shrub in Minecraft:

Trimming a dead shrub with a pair of shears will add a dead shrub to your inventory during Survival mode.

1. Look for a Dead Bush

You must first locate a dead bush within your Minecraft world. The Desert and Mesa biomes are the most common places to find dead shrubs.

  • Desert
  • Mesa

2. Hold on to your shears.

After that, select your shears from your Hotbar and place them in your hand

3. Make use of the shears

  • The game control for clipping the dead bush with the shears varies depending on the Minecraft version:
  • Left-click and hold just on a dead bush in Java Edition (PC/Mac).
  • You tap and hold on to the dead bush in Pocket Edition (PE).
  • Pressing and holding the ZR button just on the Wii U gamepad.
  • Pressing and holding the ZR button just on the controller for Nintendo Switch.
  • Left-click and hold just on the dead bush for Windows 10 Edition.
  • Left-click and hold on to the dead shrub for the Education Edition.
  • Continue to clip the dead bush with shears until it breaks, as a smaller lifeless bush floats to the ground.

4. Take the Dead Bush from the ground.

  • Make sure to collect the dead shrub before it vanishes.
  • Once you pick up the dead bush, it will appear in your Hotbar.
  • A dead shrub is a decorative item that should be saved in your inventory for later usage.

Is it true that dead bushes on Minecraft are useless?

Dead bushes have been a feature of Minecraft Java Edition since the game’s early beta days. They’ve continued to pop up in various biomes ever since.

Although most Minecraft players were familiar with dead bushes, new players are frequently perplexed about how they might be used for purposes other than aesthetics in specific biomes. This post will go through all the different ways you can use dead bushes in Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition.

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What are the functions of dead bushes (shrubs) in Minecraft?

Dead bushes can be used in a variety of ways in Minecraft. When it comes to construction, the most typical reason is aesthetic reasons. Players can use shears to harvest dead shrubs, which they can use in their construction projects. They can also put dead shrubs within a flowers bot to make a nice decoration.

When dead bushes are broken without shears, they can be used in various ways. They drop between 0 and 2 sticks, making it a quick way to get bars without cutting down trees or making boards.

Collecting sticks

Dead bushes collecting sticks is a standard method used by top speedrunners since it is significantly faster to break dead bushes than punch trees without breaking them.

Bushes that have died can also be used as fuel in a furnace. A single item will be smelt from each dead bush. Because shears can see instantly my dead bushes, players can swiftly harvest many of them when they’re in the correct biome. This could come in handy if there isn’t a lot of coal or other fuel available early on in the game.

In Minecraft, where can you find dead bushes?

Dead bushes can appear on six different blocks. Sand, red silt, podzol, dirt, coarse dirt, and terracotta are the different types of blocks. Dead bushes will only appear in deserts, badlands, & massive tree taiga biomes, as previously stated.

They have a 2x higher chance of spawning in a desert than a large tree taiga and a 20x higher chance of spawning in a badlands biome. Other common locations for dead shrubs include flower pots and chests in desert settlements.

In Survival Mode, how can you get a Dead Bush?

Locate a Dead Bush. To begin, locate a dead bush in the Minecraft environment.

Keep your shears in your hands. Afterward, select the shears from your Hotbar and you can place them in your hand.

Make use of the shears.

Take the Dead Bush from the ground.

In Minecraft, how do you find the dead bush in desert?

In the Desert and Mesa Biomes, Dead Bushes spawn spontaneously. They can be found growing on Podzol in Taigas. Dead Bushes can only be obtained by mining them with Shears. The Shears’ durability will not be harmed by mining them.

Dead bushes spawn in the desert, badlands, and gigantic tree taiga biomes during world generation.


We can find dead bush in Minecraft easily by the above process. It is a simple and easy process. As mentioned earlier, we can also make the dead bush or can also find it through a process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Deadbush?

A Deadbush is a plant that may be encountered in deserts in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, how often are plants there?

Players started by growing wheat, but there are now roughly 18 crop types in Minecraft, contingent on what one assumes is a crop. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, fungus, and other crops are all available, and each can be grown and harvested differently.

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