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Peplum Tops Style: What Is The Origin And How To Wear Peplum Tops

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Peplum is a skirt-like frill or embellishment derived from the Greek word for ‘tunic.’ They used to be attached to a waistcoat and doublet, but now they are attached to a woman’s bodice and extend below the waistline.

Origin of fashion

It’s related to Greco-Roman clothing, noted for the layered impression generated by a thick piece of fabric folded over the tunic’s upper edge. Despite its origins, fashion historians generally identify peplum with the nineteenth century and when dress designs emphasized a “full hip,” according to O’Neill: “But they would not have called that a peplum.”

One of the first confirmed occurrences of the term can be found in an 1860s edition of Godey’s Lady Book, a women’s magazine published in the United States from 1830 to 1878, which featured bodices with ruffles.

What does the term “plum style” mean?

Peplum is a nearly skirt-like frill or embellishment that gets its name from the Greek term for “tunic.” Previously connected to a doublet or vest, they are now attached to a female’s bodice and hang below the waistline.

Modern version

Unlike most modern versions, which are linked to the tops and look to have a ruffled appearance, the peplum trimming was attached to an overskirt sewed onto the waist and pointed, according to O’Neill. The current version, with jackets fitted just at the waist and reaching over the hips as just an overskirt, did not become fashionable till the 1930s and 1940s, thanks to the popularity of Christian Dior’s “New Look.” Peplum was quickly adopted by everything from dresses through tops to power suits.

Wearing anything cool and stylish is essential in the summer. For warmer weather, peplum tops and crop tops are ideal. Peplum dresses are elegantly frilled and offer you a sophisticated look.

How and where to Wear Peplum Tops?

With Skinny Pants and High Heels: A peplum shirt looks great with any hue of skinny jeans & high heels. It appears stylish, especially in the summer, with minimal cosmetics and light accessories. This is the style to go for if you prefer a more formal look.

Palazzo pants are quite popular among females and are ideal for summer. Pair a peplum shirt with palazzos to give oneself a more relaxed style. In the summer, it is enjoyable to wear. We’ve covered 28 different ways to wear palazzo pants with various outfits.

With pencil skirts: Pencil skirts are typically worn as a semi-formal or formal outfit, if you want to seem like a style diva, pair a peplum top with a pencil skirt and elegant heels.

With Printed Tights: Wear a peplum shirt with printed tights and a necklace to complete the appearance. It has a cooling effect, especially in the heat. This look also is appropriate for the spring season.

Celebrity Fashion

Selena Gomez demonstrates how to style this top stylishly. She is dressed casually in a black peplum and baggy slacks.

Just try it with long skirts as well as a belt! Wear a peplum shirt with a long skirt for a trendy style. Add a belt to make it even more appealing. This is a great style for summer business dress.

Shorts are a great way to dress up for a summer party.

Peplum gathered

This is a good option when creating a curve at the hip while appearing smaller at the waist. If you have a straight body shape with a barely defined waist, make sure the peplum feature on your top sits just where your waist is, as this will create the contrast between the hips and waistline you desire.

Peplum with a flare

This peplum shape flares out like an A-line skirt. The flared peplum’s waist is usually not as cinched as in other styles. This type of peplum can flatter your body by pulling in the waist & creating an hourglass appearance if you are thicker at the bottom.

Peplum with Pleats

Pleated peplums are the most figure-flattering of all. It can reduce the appearance of a stomach. It both draws attention to and hides flaws. This peplum is flattering on all body types.

Peplum with an Asymmetrical Shape

Depending on where the hem falls, you can experiment with this peplum style; it can be worn on any body type. For curvier body shapes, the shorter ones on the side and longer ones on the front and back work well. For those with narrow hips, styles that are longer on the side but shorter in front and back are appropriate.

Top Shenbolen peplum

We can all realize that peplums aren’t going anywhere. The waist belt adds to the overall sophisticated look of this lovely peplum garment, which hugs the appropriate spots to create a flattering silhouette. Flare and sleeveless shirts are uncommon on a garment, making this outfit one of a kind, and the fullness of a peplum is something that many women seek.

Sarumi yetunde peplum Jodi

Yetunde is known for her African print clothes that are well-made and designed to fit perfectly. The Jodi blouse isn’t any different. The fullness of the peplum is conservative, which shows its goal of conveying elegance and professionalism. The stunning and fashionable high neckline further supports this.

Wax print top aikaplus 

Asymmetrical styles have been popular for a long time since they draw attention to your figure. Unique elements like the elegant cap sleeves and the front zip modernize this outfit. The entire appearance is completed by an asymmetric hem, a center front zipper, and a beautiful cap sleeve. These are the characteristics that will set you out from the crowd.

How to Choose the Best Peplum for Your Body?

The peplum trend began last year but has grown in popularity this year. Peplum is all over the place. There’s something for everyone, from peplum dresses to tops, skirts, shorts, and even pants. However, not all peplums were created equal, so you must determine which kind of peplum would best complement your body. Peplums tighten the waist and lend fullness to the hips. Peplums come in a range of shapes and sizes. Continue reading to find out who is best for you.

 Peplum: How to Wear It?

  1. Women with hourglass bodies look best in peplums. So play around with different sorts of peplums & enjoy the trend.
  2. Pairing a peplum top with a pencil skirt is the most beautiful way to wear it. The most elegant ensemble will be midi length.
  3. Pairing your top with a pair of narrow-fitted jeans is another attractive alternative. Ensure that the top does have some substance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the peplum style still trending?

Yes, the peplum style is still trending, and many people follow and copy this style.

Do Asians follow this style?

Yes, Asians also follow this trend, which is common in Africa.

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