Interactive Videos: How to Make Your Videos More Engaging

by ghisellerousso

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Interactive videos are growing in popularity, and they’re also becoming more widely used. That means that you should definitely be thinking about how you can use them in your marketing strategy to be more engaging and to stand out from the competition. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what interactive videos are, how they work, and why you need to try them out in your next video marketing campaign!

The two types of interactivity

There are two types of interactivity in videos. One is called Cinema8 and the other Interactive Video. Cinema8 is a technology that allows viewers to control the playback of a video by scrubbing through it frame by frame, rewinding, fast-forwarding, or playing it from any point in time. The viewer can also pause and play the video at will. Interactive Video is similar but more interactive because the user can change various features such as color and opacity in addition to skipping forward or back. 

This interactivity makes for a much more dynamic viewing experience. If you’re struggling with how to make your videos engaging then we recommend you experiment with either Interactive Videos or Cinema8s. These interactive features allow users to engage more deeply with the content which is especially important if you want them to remember what they saw.

Cinema8s are particularly useful for marketing purposes where an individual may only have one chance to catch someone’s attention. Interactive Videos on the other hand, offer more versatility because people can stop and start at any moment within the video making it great for tutorials and product demonstrations.

Apps needed

Cinema8 is a video editing app that lets you create interactive videos. Using Cinema8, you can add scenes, music, sound effects and narration to your video so it feels like a more immersive experience for the viewer. You can also use Cinema8’s templates and filters to give your video some style. If you want even more control, Cinema8 offers an option to export the project as a full movie or raw footage – so when you’re done, you have both an interactive version of your video and an editable version of the same film with all audio and graphics isolated. You’ll be able to make any changes at anytime with the raw footage! The best thing about this process? You don’t need any expensive programs to get started. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Cinema8 today and start creating your own interactive videos now!

Things to consider while creating an interactive video

-What are the benefits of an interactive video? Interaction videos allow users to engage with their audience by asking questions, polling responses, and playing games. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and creates a more memorable experience for the viewer. -How can I create an interactive video? Interactive videos are created using authoring software such as Adobe Captivate, which provides drag-and-drop functionality for creating quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements. As you build your interactive video, keep in mind that viewers are accustomed to pressing buttons and clicking on links to interact with content on the internet; this is what makes them so engaging! As you design your quiz or poll for example, make sure it’s easy enough for anyone to complete; too many choices or confusing answers will lead to abandonment of the survey. Once you have created all of your interactive elements, add these functions to PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. The last step is publishing your video online via sites like YouTube and Vimeo Pro where people can find it 

When designing an interactive video, be sure to consider what features would be most interesting for your target audience before including every idea you come up with.

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