How to prepare electrical devices for a move

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The one who has ever relocated or moved to another location is pretty aware of the hassles that one has to go through. It is not an easy task to finalise a mover from the whole list of movers Brampton trying to contact you to offer free price quotations and different packages for the move. The most tedious task for any moving family is to pack crockeries but the real challenge is the electronic devices due to their size and complexity which need more attention while moving.

Planning a move could be challenging if you are a gadget freak who has a lot of electronic devices in their kitty. Irrespective of the amount that has been spent to acquire them it is very important to look after them carefully. Even a single crack on the screen can cost a hefty amount to get replaced therefore; a tempered screen on those expensive devices is put to protect it from a fall and mishandling. 

These few tips from the experts can help you pack smart:

Original Boxes

We tend to throw away the boxes of our electronic equipment as soon as we open and install them. Those boxes are your safest bet to pack them and transport them into. If you are unable to find those boxes a local trash seller can be approached if he has anything in his stuff.

Packaging Materials

Electronics not only require sturdy boxes but a few more items than that.

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wraps – non static
  • Tape
  • Scissors and cutters
  • Markers and stickers
  • Ties
  • Reusable and recyclable bags
  • To be in your budget try gathering all this supply stuff for free

Packaging Methodology

The crumpled papers and bubble wrap should be placed in all the empty spaces in the box to restrict the movement of the electronic device. The towels and clothes can also be used for the same purpose. Bubble wraps should be used to pack bigger items like TVs and computer screens. Newspapers should be avoided for packaging as they can bleed and leave a stain on the electronics.

Click Photo

Clicking pictures before unplugging wires from the electronic devices is a smart way of ensuring correct plugging when reinstalling in the new home. Just refer to the pictures and it becomes super easy while starting again.


Professional movers recommend after unplugging make sure to collect all the accessories and all the nuts and bold to keep safely in a pouch and label them with the name of the device to which it belongs. Don’t forget to remove external hard drives, cartridges from the printer, and portable storage devices during packing devices.

Colour Co-ordinate

One of the best things to do is to colour coordinate the wires so that you are aware of the inlet and outlet sockets. This sorts a lot of hassles that are associated with cords handling.

Password Protected

Always make sure to secure the device with a password on your laptop or computer. Giving free access to all the stored data to a mover can be very risky. It can have your bank details and important documents that you downloaded. It is any day advisable to carry along with you the essentials.

Remove The Batteries

Almost all our lives we never knew that the most essential thing with electronic devices is to remove their batteries when not in use for a long time. It protects them from getting spoiled due to overheating and leaks.

Prepare The Computer for Moving

Back up all the data into the cloud, or any external storage device. It should be password protected with a difficult one to crack. Vacuum the devices before packing them as they might have a lot of dust accumulated. Use packing paper to pack and remove all the dongles and cables attached to it.


The packing boxes should be cushioned with towels and cushions to form a protective barrier. Larger items should be wrapped in bubble wrap with cardboard around them and finally wrap them with a plastic paper.


It is a good time to invest in some power extension boards and cables. A surge-protected power strip can help in power fluctuation. The unpacking of all the devices also needs an equal amount of care therefore having professional movers can help you with all the struggles of reinstallation and powering up the devices with the right cables.After moving in and getting all your devices installed and plugged in with the help of a mover so later on, there are no struggles with it. The amount of money that has been spent on these devices is tremendous thus looking after them and making them work properly should be the priority. The movers Toronto have extended help to the clients; get a free quote and their expert knowledge in managing their move. You just have to sit back and relax to let them do their magic in reinstating everything in place.

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