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How to make your future better with EV charging station and latest technologies?

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Electric cars represent the future of mobility: e-mobility is revolutionizing the world of motors and more and more people are opting for electric vehicles. In India, more than 2,000 electric cars are registered every month and in the next ten years, the growth will lead to the circulation of about 7 million vehicles. 

To ensure that this transition becomes a phenomenon within everyone’s reach, however, a network of EV charging stations for electric vehicles must be created.

Electric mobility: the environmental and economic benefits

Before seeing the advantages that you can have for your business, it is good to see what are the points in favor of e-mobility.

First of all, electric cars compared to diesel and petrol vehicles (which use fossil fuels) have a reduced environmental impact: the reduction of polluting gas emissions into the atmosphere makes electric vehicles fundamental in the fight against climate change. Furthermore, the production of electricity is increasingly oriented towards the use of renewable sources. In the city, e-mobility is the most effective weapon to reduce PM10 levels in the atmosphere, improve air quality, and at the same time make it healthier for citizens. This is why more and more Indian cities are limiting the circulation of diesel and petrol vehicles in urban centers, leaving full freedom to electric ones. In addition, a growing number of municipalities, to spread the green mobility mentality, have created dedicated parking lots or free parking areas for electric vehicles. 

Electric cars also offer advantages in terms of energy savings: the efficiency of an electric motor is 90% (compared to 25% of the petrol engine). Greater efficiency, therefore, means less waste, expenses, and energy. 

Electric mobility offers interesting market spaces for business owners, especially since charging stations do not yet have widespread distribution throughout the territory. 

Gyms, supermarkets, shopping centers, accommodation facilities, and hotels: whatever company you own, Static will allow you to offer your customers EV charging stations for electric cars. 

Benefits of having an EV charging station at your workplace

You will thus be able to increase your business, benefiting from numerous advantages with a limited investment:

  • The presence of charging stations for electric cars in your business will first of all give you greater prestige: your business will stand out from its competitors, conveying an avant-garde image aimed at innovation. With the presence of green and sustainable technology, your business will show itself to be attentive to the environment and will contribute to the spread of virtuous habits.
  • Customers with an electric car will therefore be encouraged to attend your business and this will determine an increase in loyalty: thanks to the offer of an innovative service, your customers will be more incentivized to choose your company, because they will be able to recharge the car during their activities. 
  • Furthermore, thanks to Static most advanced technology, you will be able to attract more customers from all over India: your business will be included as a charging station for electric vehicles in the Apps used by those who have an electric car and will appear in the map of the charging stations.

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