Why Choose React Native App Development For Your Business Growth

Why Choose React Native App Development For Your Business Growth

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Developing a mobile app for business is no longer just a growing trend. But more of a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Undoubtedly, developing a feature-rich and intuitive application is a complicated process. But still, with the help of an expert app development company, you can best fulfill the purpose.

Several technologies, frameworks, and tools are available to develop a customized choice of application. And selecting React Native app development services is one such option available for enterprises to create a competitive application. But why go for React Native framework, what’s so special about this framework, and what are the benefits of going for this technology must be answered first.

To answer all such questions, we have created this short yet informative blog for you to know best about React Native framework.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started on the same.

A Short Introduction to React Native

Before selecting any particular mobile app development technology, you must know about the same in terms of its purpose, features, and use cases. So, in terms of knowing related about React Native framework, here is the list of things you should refer to.

What is meant by React Native?

You might already know the fact that React Native is a native app development framework that made its inception in the year 2015 by Meta (Previously known as Facebook). That means, seamlessly developing a cross-platform mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms by using a single codebase structure. Another fact to know about the framework is using the JavaScript programming language for developing apps for both platforms. And that too instead of writing codes for two distinctive codebases.

What are the key features of React Native?

One of the reasons to rely on React Native app development services for the creation of a full-fledged mobile app is the attractive features of the framework. And the same are mentioned below:

  • React Native features reusable components that can be used again & again with reusable code and safeguard the app development timeline.
  • Single-way data binding is another impressive feature of the framework that allows the development process to go in one direction for both platforms.
  • React Native developers make the best use of JavaScript XML to allow the user interface to appear and behave accordingly.
  • React Native developers make the best use of JavaScript XML to allow the user interface to appear and behave accordingly.
  • Virtual DOM is another feature of the framework that helps reflect all the application alterations visible to the eyes of developers.

Which are the popular apps based on React Native?

When it comes to selecting a particular technology for the purpose of developing a business solution, do check out the previous use cases. And in terms of React Native development, you will be convinced to know that apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Bloomberg, Walmart, Discord, Skype, etc., are all based on the same framework.

Top-Notch Benefits of Selecting React Native Framework

Now coming to the key benefits of selecting React Native as an apt choice of cross-platform app development framework. Simply check out the list below:

  • Reusing code with ease: No two codebases are required for the development of a cross-platform mobile application. React Native framework helps developers use a single code and create reused code for both Android and iOS platforms. It will certainly save a great deal of app development time and further helps deploy the application with ease.
  • Native app appearance: Another benefit of choosing React Native is building an interactive native user interface to meet the requirement of the preferred choice of developers. It’s simply because of the available building blocks in the framework that helps create an engaging app for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Live reloading benefit: One more crucial benefit of relying on React Native framework is looking at the recent changes after performing the live reloading. Developers have the flexibility to fix codes while using the application and view the changes automatically.
  • Simple user interface focussed: Another benefit from the point of the user interface is React Native developers use the JavaScript programming language for creating intuitive & responsive UI. It ultimately helps in catching the user’s attention at a first glance.

Wrapping Up

React Native is a high-performing Native app development framework that helps businesses to create cross-platform apps at low cost & with optimum efficiency. Simply build your enterprise application once you decide to hire React Native app developers from OrangeMantra and witness the profitable results all by yourself.

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