4 Scam-Free Apps to Enjoy in 2022

4 Scam-Free Apps to Enjoy in 2023

by abdul waheed

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by Salman Khan

How much time do you spend on your smartphone looking at different apps? If you are anything like the average app user, you probably spend a whopping 166 minutes on apps daily, as reported by Statista!

This is not as skeptical if you think about how much apps surround our lives. There are apps for every mundane task, whether it be staying connected with friends, being productive, hailing a ride, or purchasing items.

The more apps become an essential part of our daily lives, the more vulnerable we become to scams. After all, there is so much personal information being shared on apps. This is why selecting the apps carefully and researching them before downloading them is imperative.

Here are four scam-free apps you can enjoy in 2022 without worrying about your data being leaked or the offering being a scam.  

  1. AirG – Meet New Friends

One niche where you are required to share a lot of personal information is dating and friendship apps. From your name to your interests, such apps store information about you in hopes of helping you find the right match. However, if this data falls into the wrong hands, it can cause many problems for you.

This is why choosing a scam-free friendship app is very important. Here, AirG – Meet New Friends can come in handy. If you peruse any mobile AirG review of the app, you will notice how most of them commend the app for being transparent about its privacy terms while offering a secure experience.

Not to mention that the app itself has an excellent interface and value proposition. It allows you to connect with over 100 million subscribers, regardless of location. All you need to do is set relevant filters, like age, demographics, interests, or location, and then search for people you think you can hit it off with.

This friendship app differs from other mainstream solutions because it allows you to form and join chat rooms on different topics. You can then see who you are having fun talking to before taking the conversation in a private chat. This removes the initial awkwardness of the situation.

So, both on the operational front as well as the security aspect, AirG – Meet New Friends manages to be a great app to have in 2022.

  • Airbnb

Being in a new place is immensely daunting. And figuring out housing on your own there can further add to the stress. Ever since its inception, the Airbnb app has been a great help for travelers worldwide.

In a world full of housing scams and expensive hotels, Airbnb connects visitors with people willing to rent their houses or rooms. This scam-free app is popular worldwide and generated 5.9 billion USD in 2021, as per Business of Apps.

Why is Airbnb so popular? Apart from offering safe housing options, the app has excellent filters. You can input exactly where you want accommodation, what amenities you want in it, and voila, it will show potential places accordingly.

Additionally, if you are skeptical about talking to strangers away from the app, Airbnb has an in-app communication system whereby you can coordinate directly by using the app alone. And the payment system is also fully integrated and includes the option to pay for incidental expenses right from the app.

As Airbnb is a secure app, and it offers a holistic solution where you can communicate and pay within its system, it ensures that none of your sensitive information is shared outside the medium, thereby reducing scams. 

  • Duolingo

Have you spent (in futility) a lot of money on apps that claim to teach you a new language? It is common to fall for these scams since the apps seem so legit at first, only to be useless once you subscribe to them.

Considering that learning a new language is a big enough challenge, you should at least invest in a quality learning app to make the ride a little smoother. Here, Duolingo can be of help. This app works!

Duolingo has lessons in over 35 languages for users to choose from. The good thing about it is that it breaks the process into bite-sized lessons and games to increase retention and engagement. It also helps keep users motivated when the task gets harder every day.

While a free app is available, it is quite limited. You can avail the 14-day free premium access to see if the version is worth it for you. With the premium version, you can access full lessons and more languages.

If you are traveling in 2022 and don’t want to rely solely on Google Translate, learning the basics of a foreign language is a good idea, and Duolingo is a credible app to help you with it.

  • Spotify

Gone are the days of iTunes and torrents. Spotify has surely revolutionized the music-listening experience. According to Business of Apps, at least 422 million people use Spotify monthly, and 189 million are paid, subscribers.

It helps that the app is free of scams and has a secure payment process (for those willing to purchase the premium plan). And if you don’t wish to share any financial information with the app, you can choose to do so – with a few catches and if it is available in your country.

The free Spotify version only allows for limited skips per hour. It also doesn’t let you choose a given song to listen to and instead shuffles a playlist of your choice. It also features ads.

If you don’t like these restrictions, you can choose the paid version, which comes with unlimited skips, offline listening, and the ability to listen to whatever song you want.

Ending Remarks

These four apps are highly secure and help users in their way. See what you need and download it to make your life easier (or more entertaining).

Are there any other apps that you prefer in 2022? Share your top four in the comments below!

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