Instagram Hashtags Grow Your Business

How Can Instagram Hashtags Grow Your Business?

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Instagram hashtags are a great method of gaining more attention and engage with the Instagram posts. They can be the difference between success and failure of the effectiveness of your Instagram advertising strategy.

Make sure you use them properly to ensure that your blog posts seen by more people who are likely to be interested in buying your products or services.

If you use the wrong hashtag, it could cause problems for you, from causing potential sponsors to getting disqualified in the Instagram algorithm.

According to a study the posts with at minimum one Instagram hashtag gets 12.6 percent higher engagement than those that do not have hashtags. It is therefore essential to develop a strategy for hashtags to promote your brand are looking to increase the reach of your Instagram account.

We’re here to help you. This article explains the essential information you should know about hashtags on Instagram to boost your business.

Important Information to Consider

When personal accounts add hashtags to posts, these will not appear in the public hashtag pages.

You are only allowed to use hashtags on your posts. You aren’t able to use hashtags to tag photos or videos of other people.

The use of numbers is permitted within Instagram hashtags. However, special characters and spaces, like $ or %, will not work.

You can add 30 hashtags to the blog post and ten hashtags on Instagram Stories.

Types of Popular Instagram Hashtags

Instagram breaks hashtags into nine kinds:

Seasonal or Special Event Hashtags

These can refer to actual holidays or seasons, such as #summerdays, or used for all National Day holidays, like #nationalnailpolishday or #nationalicecreamday.

Location Hashtags

Even if you do geotag in your Instagram posting, it could still be helpful to add a hashtag that is related to your place of residence like #londoneats or Vancouver Craft Beer.

Daily Hashtags

There are a lot of easy hashtags to choose from, starting with #MondayBlues all the way up to #SundayFunday. 

Below, we’ve highlighted the top 25 most popular hashtags that you can pick from if you’re looking for an easily accessible source for hashtags that you can add to your blog posts.

Relevant Phrase Hashtags

These hashtags combine elements of niche hashtags, product hashtags and hashtags for community. 

They’re terms that users make use of in Instagram to join communities with a touch of insider-style for example, hashtags like #amwriting and #shewhowanders.

Acronym Hashtags

Perhaps the most well-known acronym is the hashtag #TBT, which stands for Throwback Thursday. 

Other popular acronym hashtags include #YOLO, which means the fact that you live only once in your life, #OOTD which means clothes of the day and #FBF to represent flashback Friday.

Emoji Hashtags

These hashtags can include emoticons on their own such as #? Or phrases or words with Emojis, such as #sunglasses?

Product or Service Hashtags

These are the primary keywords that describe what your service or product is like #handbag or #divebar.

Niche Hashtags

They are a bit more precise, indicating how you fit into the requirements of your industry for example, #foodblogger or #travelblogger.

Industry Instagram Community Hashtags

Communities are active on Instagram These hashtags can help you find or joining these communities. Such as, #gardenersofinstagram or #craftersofinstgram

Why Are Instagram Hashtags Important For Your Business?

1. Get More Likes

Users on Instagram who are involved in a particular area should search for hashtags that are related to the topic.

Incorporating Instagram hashtags along with your posts will give you a chance to put your content visible to a targeted group of users (i.e. those who are most likely to hit that heart button).

It’s a great idea to determine the top Instagram Comprar Likes Instagram that will increase the number of followers, likes and shares as well as engagement.

2. Get More Followers

Utilizing the right Instagram hashtags is among the most effective methods to get more followers. Hashtags can increase your reach, making it easier for more people to discover your content.

So long as your content is relevant to their needs you’re expecting them to keep up with your posts.

This is a fantastic chance for any businessman who is an e-commerce entrepreneur because you’ll be able to market your products and brand to customers who are already active.

3. Enhance your Sales

Instagram hashtags aren’t just for growing your social media following. While this is an excellent outcome of making use of Instagram hashtags.

It is also possible to boost sales by incorporating hashtags into your strategy for posting particularly if you find some of the most popular Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your business.

If you employ hashtags with a niche in your advertisements for the product you sell it’s likely to attract people’s attention and they’re likely to purchase something that is that is related the content you provide.

This suggests that you’ll have the ability to increase sales for your shop with thought-out Instagram hashtags, paired with engaging content.

4. Add Hashtags in Your Instagram Bio

Instagram is also able to include Clickable hashtags (and usernames) to your Instagram bio. 

This means that you can design a compelling Instagram bio that promotes your preferred hashtag in the middle.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

Another option is to include hashtags in your Instagram profile via Instagram stories. 

When you add hashtags from Instagram hashtag in your story post, it is searchable via the Search and Explore tab.

In other words, if someone is looking at this hashtag on their phone, they could find your story in the Stories section at high-up on your screen. 

This is especially the case when you’re using fashionable hashtags in your posts.

6. Follow Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is now able to use hashtags! This means that there is a way to be able to track any topic or group you’re passionate about. A hashtag is followed similarly to being a follower of any Instagram user.

You can search for the hashtag that you’re interested in, and then follow it. You’ll see updates from the hashtag in the Instagram feed.

7. Track Your Instagram Hashtag Success

If you manage an Instagram corporate account, you are able to make use of Instagram Insights to keep track of your Instagram hashtag’s performance.

A while ago, Instagram added the choice to assess how effective your hashtags are. This can be done by studying the number of impressions or views on your posts.

Top 25 Instagram Hashtags Used in 2022

#love (1.824B posts)

#instagood (1.143B posts)

#fashion (807.1M posts)

#photooftheday (792.4M posts)

#beautiful (657.4M posts)

#art (643.6M posts)

#happy (576.9M posts)

#photography (575.9M posts)

#picoftheday (569.4M posts)

#cute (564.9M posts)

#follow (557.8M posts)

#tbt (534.5M posts)

#followme (526.4M posts)

#nature (520.7M posts)

#like4like (515.0M posts)

#travel (494.6M posts)

#instagram (475.6M posts)

#repost (469.1M posts)

#style (469.0M posts)

#summer (452.4M posts)

#instadaily (439.5M posts)

#selfie (421.8M posts)

#me (420.0M posts)

#friends (395.8M posts)

#fitness (393.8M posts)

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