Wig Cap Construction Explained

by Olivia Rodriguez

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Wig construction can be a minefield for unskilled wig buyers. To make certain that you feel comfy and remarkable when using your wigs, we have actually developed this easy-to-follow guide clarifying the many various kinds of wig caps that comprise the wig globe: monofilament wigs, lace front wigs, hand-tied wigs and also wefted wigs (AKA) open cap wigs. 


 1. Monofilament Wigs

 There are 2 primary factors of monofilament wigs– simplicity and also convenience. Monofilament wigs use a large polyester or soft nylon mesh on top and crown area to ensure that your skin colour can reveal as well as create an all-natural scalp look.

 There are three kinds of monofilament wigs:




These types of wig buildings are associated with the particular location on the cap where the sheer mesh section is located. Hairs are hand-tied separately to the product section to replicate natural hair motion. This design also allows for multi-directional styling and also imitates that all-important natural hair growth appearance. The lightweight material utilized in monofilament wigs provides a softer feel against the scalp with the advantage of cooling down convenience throughout the day. Monofilament wigs are perfect for ladies with sensitive scalps as the breathable textile proves less irritating than a fabric cap design.

Double monofilament wigs are an additional available option. These wigs are created using a double layer of monofilament material. This style provides even better defence from scalp inflammation, particularly for ladies who are sensitive to hand-tied knots. The 2nd layer of monofilament is contributed to the bound under-layer to develop a smoother feeling versus the scalp. Our successful double monofilament wigs are from the Amore variety.


Versatile styling alternatives with multi-directional all-natural hair movement from the scalp.

A lightweight product that is cooling down as well as comfy.

There is additionally the choice of double monofilament wigs which also provide higher defence for females with delicate scalps.


 It can be slightly more costly than other types of wigs.

 Hand-tied knots may create irritation on some scalps– but don’t neglect double monofilament wigs are always a wonderful choice for delicate scalps!

 2. Lace Front Wigs

Shoelace front wigs are among the most natural-looking wig cap buildings and constructions offered. An undetectable sheer lace front to your wig will produce a natural-looking hairline. The shoelace overlooks this likewise enables you to style your wig far from your face without needing to fret that the wig side is visible. This type of wig construction is perfect for women that have actually experienced the loss of hair along the front hairline, as the undetectable lace gives you the confidence to design your wig exactly how you want to.


Develops the impression of a natural hairline construction for a design that is swept ‘off the face’.

A convincing, practical look due to the hand-constructed hairline, which is undetectable.


 Not one of the most economical types of wig cap construction there is.

 The large shoelace at the front requires handling with care when putting the wig on and taking it off. If you’re new to wigs and would like some guidance on exactly how to place on a wig, then please take a look at our blog post devoted to the topic.

 3. Hand-tied Wigs

Hand-tied wigs can be used with either synthetic or human hair. Each hair of hair or synthetic fiber is sewn independently onto a mesh cap using a hand-knotting technique. This procedure relies on handmade craftsmanship and also is not reliant on devices or mechanical sewing. A hand-tied wig can occupy to three days to construct by a proficient craftsperson, an intensive procedure that produces a high-quality style. This also allows the hair to relocate freely for sensible movement as well as functional design. Hand-tied wigs are the go-to designs of the SW team.

The wig building of the hand-tied additionally puts it at the forefront of comfort. There are no joints or wefts, suggesting that it will certainly be extremely soft against the scalp, and this also creates a reduced density in the wig for a natural look. Because of the lack of wefts, this wig building and construction is ideal for girls that have actually experienced complete hair loss and also want to prevent irritation to a delicate scalp. Hand-tied wigs are really light to use and will maintain your head cool and also aerated throughout the day.


Adeptly made as each hair or fiber is independently stitched onto a mesh cap by a proficient craftsperson, a process which can take up to 3 days.

A deluxe softness against the skin as it does not require a weft or architectural joints.

Develops a lighter density which implies the wig is lightweight, great and comfy.

 Versatile styling


 With all the advantages that this sort of wig building and construction offers, it indicates the prices of these wigs are usually more expensive.

 4. Wefted/Open Cap Wigs

Wefted wigs are additionally called capless wigs or open-cap wigs. They’re one of the most basic wig cap building and construction to get, yet they’re also one of the most prominent types of wigs. Open-up cap wigs are made from wefts of synthetic or human hair, which are spaced out throughout the wig cap. As the name indicates, open cap wigs have simply that– open building at the wig’s scalp, permitting the wig to be a lot more lightweight, breathable and budget-friendly.

Instead of different sorts of wigs with shut wefts, open wefts mean that several wig users choose capless wigs as they allow for the scalp to take a breath, perfect for those warm summer seasons! Wefted wigs also have actually a feature called permatease, which is located on top of the wig. This develops lift and quantity, which will stay with you throughout the day!


Affordable wig building.

Perfect for periodic wig-wears and girls that don’t require wigs as a result of hair loss.


Permatease quantity.


Not able to sustain styling versatility.

Although more human hair wigs appear with this wig cap building, most open cap wigs tend to be artificial.

The parting and crown of wefted wigs can sometimes be stated to look fairly noticeable.

5. Combination Wigs

Combination wigs are comprised of different sorts of wig construction and also layouts to develop a much more custom-feeling device. Merely Wigs have some distributors that as combine wig styles to guarantee that the customer has a comfortable wig-using experience. There are a couple of various kinds of mixes that are popular.

Some monofilament designs can be combined, utilizing an industrial technique for a lot of the wig, and after that, do with a hand-tied top. This offers you every one of the advantages of a hand-tied mesh wig whilst being extra inexpensive.

Various other types of mix wigs consist of bonded lace wigs. Bonded shoelace describes fibers that have actually been so firmly linked they resemble a welded textile. This kind of lace is really resilient. However, it can be susceptible to separating.

An additional combination style is French Drawn. This type of wig is created with two layers of glass silk and one layer of a swiss shoelace, leading to a practical scalp look and comfortable wearability.


 You can obtain the very best of both globes from different types of wigs.

 It can cause a more comfy as well as an all-natural wig.

 Cost-effective alternatives.


 This may call for even more care due to the various types of lace.

 Cutting welded shoelace leads to hair splitting up.


 1. Single Knots

 Single knots describe a type of knot that’s just been tied once. This strategy allows the hair to stay level. This technique can only be made use of in specific types of wigs it is more likely to be used for the temple and scalp areas of a wig. A solitary knot is seldom used for the front or top of a wig.

 2. Single Split Knots

 The knot has still only been connected when, however, the hair is aerated due to two strands coming out of one opening. This sort of wig knotting strategy is used primarily at the front due to its capacity to create a gradual, all-natural hairline.

 3. Double Knots

 This is one of the most durable kinds of knot, implying it’s flexible as well as can be utilized in several kinds of wigs, as well as most made use of for assimilation wigs wherein natural hair pushes the top of the wig item. Although it is strong, it’s one of the most noticeable knots of the lot.

 4. Double Split Knots

 The look and feel of a single split knot, with the resilience of a dual knot. This technique is wonderful for lace as well as mono-base styles, as this knot is much less visible than a double knot.


 Currently, you know the various types of wig building, so why not surf our newbies lead to putting on a wig? Not only does this overview discuss the 4 sorts of wig caps, yet the overview can likewise help you pick the appropriate design and dimension of artificial or human hair wig for you! Bear in mind that everything about what is right for you and the wigs will certainly make you feel remarkable when using them.

 If you have any queries or questions, please don’t wait to connect with our pleasant group of wig specialists read more

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