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All About The Differences Between Soundproofing And Secondary Glazing

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Windows are not the most effective barrier against traffic noise, or the loud neighbours across the fence. A typical window with 4mm glass is not able to block noise whether closed or open. The performance of good insulation in your walls could be significantly diminished by the design of your windows.

If you are building a new house or renovating your existing home, it is the perfect moment to think about your needs in terms of acoustic glass windows. For traffic, neighbourhood and construction noise, there are numerous practical window solutions in the following list.

What is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass significantly reduces outside noise, particularly in areas with high traffic levels, such as motorways, major roads, airports and motorways. If used as roofing or overhead windows, double glazing windows help to block rain noise. It is a great option for noise insulation in interior spaces like meeting rooms and office partitions.

Acoustic glass is composed of two to three sheets of glass which are joined with acoustic layers: Double glazing windows. Interlayers function as a noise-dissipating layer and reduce the sound’s impact when it travels through the glass.

Incredibly, by altering the size of glass sheets to increase the sound insulation, better results are possible. The acoustic glazing has all the security and safety characteristics of laminated glass that are standard.

What are Soundproof Windows?

A breakthrough in the reduction of noise soundproof windows is the perfect solution to the noise that is a problem in London. To combat every aspect of disruptive sound, our acoustic double glazing windows incorporate the following features to help create a peaceful and tranquil:

  • Laminated glass that dulls sound waves
  • The space between panes has been designed to make it less noisy.
  • Timber frames are specially made to be designed to avoid noise pollution
  • Secure fittings will ensure that there aren’t any gaps in the frames or reverberations.

A completely scientific method of preventing unintentional noise from your home right from the beginning of the design process, their primary objective is to ensure the property is not flood with sound through the walls from outside.

What Is Secondary Glazing And How Does It Work?

Secondary glazing, which is use for the reduction of noise, is a method similar to double glazing. It can be place into almost every home and in the majority of window designs.

Incorporating into the frame’s original design Secondary glazing solutions efficiently simply place a second window frame within the home to create a barrier that is further insulate from the sounds from the outside world.

A second barrier is create to block sound waves, particularly in cases where the size of the second glazing is different from the one of the initial units. Secondary glazing and acoustic laminated glass simply provides a sound insulation.

Soundproof Windows V/s Secondary Glazing

In order to provide you with the most complete overview of solutions, we’ve listed the essential aspects to take into consideration and how each product performs in relation to not just soundproofing, but also other aspects as well.

Noise Reduction

The most important aspect first. Soundproof windows offer better noise reduction. It was design from scratch to minimise sound and specifically tailor to each home’s noise issues and providing a complete solution, there’s no better option to reduce the intrusive sound.

However acoustic secondary glazing or scoustic double glazing can provide the ability to reduce noise. It can definitely improve the quietness of your home however, not to the same extent as soundproof windows do.

Installation Of Noise Reduction Windows

Windows that are soundproof can be a little messy in this way. It is necessary to completely replace the window frames, which can be an extremely long procedure.

But, hiring an expert for a replacement window installer means that the work can be done in only one or two hours (depending on the size of the task and, of course, the size of the project).

However secondary glazing or double glazing that is soundproof are simpler to install. There are some companies that will set up secondary windows or equivalent on your home. This allows you to keep your windows as they were in the same place, with no major task required.

But, installing yourself could mean you make mistakes and negate their impact, but the advantages of working with an established window installation services will far outweigh the small amount you save. We now come to…

The Price Of Soundproof Windows Vs The Cost Of Secondary Glazing Units

There are no prizes for guessing who happens here. It’s true that ‘wins’ may be the wrong term. Secondary glazing units are less expensive than the first however that’s not always beneficial.

If you’re operating on a tight budget and you’re suffering from a severe issue with noise pollution that can keep you awake in the night the secondary glass noise-reducing can certainly assist. It could save you even more cash, particularly when you decide to put in the second panes yourself.

Soundproof windows fall on the opposite side in the range. They’re expensive however, that’s definitely not a negative thing. They’re costly because they offer the most effective solution that is possible. They are specifically design for your home.

Actually, they can actually enhance the value of your home since it implies that people who you plan to sell it to not be require to install the windows!

Thermal Insulation

The soundproof windows secondary and double glazing noise-reducing devices can all provide some thermal insulation. Hooray!

In addition to creating a barrier between your sanctuary’s walls from the outside world, secondary glazing provides a shield between cold airs and reduces the loss of heat through the window panes.

Windows that soundproof due to their very nature and the fact that each frame element is protect from possible gaps in their frames. give a much higher thermal insulation than secondary glazing.

In reality windows that are soundproof offer twice the energy efficiency of the second-glazed units. Double, which is more savings on your monthly bill?

Problems With Soundproof Windows

The most significant problem with soundproof windows is that a lot of the time they’ll require approval to plan because of the extreme nature of the change. This is even more difficult due to the necessity to replace similar windows in conservation zones, although a skilled manufacturer can come up with solutions that will satisfy the most stringent local councils.

Problems With Secondary Glazing

Cleansing secondary units of glazing can be quite a hassle. It is necessary to clean two distinct windows, and this could be a bit difficult based on the space available.

Because of their shape secondary glazing can cause an abundance of condensation to the original glass unit. It is a hassle to wash down because there’s an entire sheet of glass that is blocking the manner.

DIY units are usually not seal well, so they are almost obsolete.

The Conclusion. Which Is The Best?

It all depends on the circumstances. If you don’t have enough money to buy new windows for your home, secondary glazing could go a long way ways to lessen the amount of noise and increase the efficiency of your heating system.

If you have the funds, you need to install soundproofing windows. They will add value to your home and offer a sustainable and complete solution to the issue.


It offers two types of Acoustic glass. Both can be fi into the majority of replacement doors and windows:

* Acoustic glass with a single glaze If noise is the only issue, you should consider thermal insulation

* Double-glaze acoustic glasses is recommend when thermal and noise insulation is require.

They can lessen noise pollution greater than secondary windows and will look more sophisticated. Secondary glazing is a nuisance to the space while windows that are soundproof will blend in with the style of your home and appear beautiful.

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