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7 Best Productivity Apps to Organize Your Life

by Hooria Batool

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Whenever a question comes to our mind, Is this the right way to spend your life? Or Do you need more organized stuff? So yes, every person in life needs organization and sophistication. It can be of organization of manners, goals, habits, working mode and anything that needs regulation in your life. There are many things and products that give shaping to your mind and regulate life things. Some products help you capture your dream goals and achieve your things. Like sport camera glasses, you can grab the adventurous journey—surveillance cameras for the spying mode and various other alarm cameras for detecting the hazardous event nearby. Some apps regulate the thinking processes and help build up the human IQ level, while some productivity applications help to organize life events, manners and behaviour.

Productivity Applications:

Productivity is something that someone else does not manage. You are yourself responsible for your working criteria, management and directions. You can abide by the rules that you set up for yourself. To make your regulation of life, you must set up a plan for everything. Some apps help you in the organization of your life events and works. Let us look at some of them.

Best Productivity Applications:

Every application must be installed and used based on the purposes upon which one can work.


As evident from the name, this application helps its users to manage their daily routine and help figure out their to-do lists. You can not only organize, record and manage your tasks daily but can also help you assign various tasks to others. It has a basic free version app and allows you to manage the work free of cost. It helps notify the essential functions, prioritize events and organize better.

Google Docs:

It is one of the best applications for sharing documents without the hassle of saving and sending files the other way. The files you have in the document papers are shared anywhere you want. This application lets you have every document inside a hub, a collection of various forms where you can convert them anywhere you want. It is one of the popular personal cloud storage and file sharing platforms that one rejoices. It is a web application that is available in more than 100 languages. So if you are looking for good managing and organizing applications, give it a go.


Built up as a project managing application, it spread its roots in the organization and management of the system. It works as a project manager for a person and a collaborative organization.

Its work includes planning, collaborating, sharing and tracking the processes of tasks. It allows you to access the tools to make it easy for everyone—another good option for the working criteria and managing tasks.


A calendar needs to look for the dates to organize yourself best for the events. Similarly, while considering the Calendly app, you are asked to connect your application with the calendar so that you can directly access an event’s management. You can quickly know the event management and the slots on which you can have the Time for your clients.


It is the best application for project management and collaboration with different clients and people around the globe. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for the clients to have access to the management of their stuff. It includes timelines for completing the work management easy and accessible. You can contemplate the third-party management and make the working atmosphere easy; it has some in-built templates.


This app gives you the most significant Time to develop your skills if you cannot perform multi-tasking. The app can manage single-tasking. It uses the strategy of focusing. The more you are focused on your work and tasks, the more the tree grows on its own. It shows the focus and attention you give your appointment without prioritizing the phone.


Toggl is a Time tracking application that helps you manage your tasks. It has some user-friendly interfaces and modes that allow drive business processes and works. It is an easy-to-use software that will enable tools to track the Time while performing a task.

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