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Top 8 E-girl Gothic fashions for 2023

by abdul waheed

Last Updated on April 30, 2023 by Tabraiz

Apps like TikTok have exposed the world to one of the most popular seasonal trends. This internet movement is sweeping the globe’s adolescents and young adults and shows no signs of abating. Despite the lack of an accurate description, this aesthetic appears to be more of a mood than a style, yet is immediately recognizable.

Technically speaking, this is the new era of The Electronic Girl, and within this realm, various subcategories, accessories, and outfits cross over.There are numerous methods to seamlessly pull off this look, including black striped long-sleeve shirts, sharp winged eyeliner, and oversized band shirts. Find your ideal lighting, prepare your camera, and strike a pose — these are the current E-girl fashion trends.

1. T-shirts & jumpers with an oversized fit

Why not wear something comfortable, whether lounging indoors all day or taking an unplanned photo for Instagram or TikTok? These enormous T-shirts are ridiculously adorable and keep you feeling fresh in any circumstance. I don’t see any reason why fans of BTS, 1975, or any other band shouldn’t buy apparel a size or two bigger.

A sweater depicting your favorite metal band or a bizarre scene from your favorite film can be your top pick. Wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath when wearing these shirts; a striped sweater looks great with a black shade, but don’t be afraid to try out a bold hue like yellow or orange. If the weather is chilly, replace your long-sleeved shirt with a turtleneck to stay warm. Put on a pair of mom jeans with a high waist and sneakers, and you’re ready to go.

2. Console Sneakers

This pattern from the 1990s has returned to the present day. These massively padded sneakers have a platform sole that will make you feel both tall and secure. When selecting a color, choosing one that complements your existing wardrobe is best.

White and black are excellent options; they complement practically everything and instantly brighten an ensemble. Consider neon yellow or perhaps neon pink if you prefer more vibrant hues. Also practical and the ideal alternative for someone who likes delicate styles are soft tones.

These shoes have limitless potential and look excellent in every situation. They look great with big jeans or a miniskirt. You can even experiment with black leggings and a baggy blouse.

3. Patterned Skirts

The modest plaid skirt is an essential wardrobe accessory for E-girls. You may pair a pretty crop top with chunky shoes or an oversized T-shirt with chunky sneakers. Neutralize with black or grey, or spice things up with a pop of color like blue or pink.

When the temperature lowers, add a pair of polka-dot or star-patterned tights to any winter outfit, making it more adorable. If you’re feeling edgy, suspend a chain belt from the side of your waist, and you’ll resemble a walking doll.

4. Butterfly Clips for Hair

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, butterfly hair clips were popular. These cute accessories will instantly improve your ensemble. Place two barrettes on either side of your temple, directly at the outer corners of your eyes, to extend your features.

These dainty accessories are effortless ways to replicate the E-girl look and the perfect homage to your youth. One or two will look good, but if you want to go fancy, you can sparingly place more of them all down the length of your hair. Choose hues that complement your present hair color or complement your ensemble by naming one or two colors.

5. Choker Chain

Chokers are among the most necessary accessories for an E-girl because they are both simple and attractive. This is a trend from the ’90s making a comeback. Thin and modest pieces are great for stacking necklaces because they don’t draw too much attention to themselves.

If you like something that catches more attention, consider wearing a chain or something with studs. Pair this piece of jewelry with a T-shirt with a high collar. You can also pair this with a low-cut cami or mesh shirt – it’s a perfect excuse to add extra pieces to your wardrobe to enhance your overall look.

6. E-girl Belt Chains

A chain belt is a finishing touch on any well-put-together outfit. Although this accessory appears simple, it is a beautiful way to improve your wardrobe and add a new E-girl aesthetic dimension. You can try securing one or more metal pieces to the leather belt. 

You might wear them at or just above the hip to maintain a modest profile. Metallic accents lend depth to an already great ensemble, whether combined with high-waisted cargo trousers, a checkered skirt, or slouchy jeans.

7. E-Girl Makeup Looks

One of the most distinguishing features of an E-girl is her makeup. The aesthetic consists of a range of pastel hues carefully applied to the nose and cheekbones, along with crisp winged eyeliner and face stamps. Use a small amount of highlighter on your nose tip and bridge to give your face an instant lift.

Draw slightly higher than your usual Cupid’s bow to outline the shape. This elevates the mouth and creates the illusion of a more prominent pout. Smearing blush on the apples of your cheeks and over the bridge of your nose creates a soft, sweet effect that is on trend this season. The objective of this look is to combine the subtlety of the colors with the stark simplicity of black liner. Add a few heart stamps under your eyes to complete your look.

8. Tank Tops

Utilize a crop top to highlight your waist and expose some skin. These shirts are frequently paired with high-waisted slacks or skirts, as they create the ideal hourglass silhouette and look great on everyone. You can pair them with basically anything in your closet because there are many options.

Pick a camisole with spaghetti straps or a mesh top with a striking flame design. Wear various patterns and prints, from solid colors to wild animal prints. This look is not seasonal. Experiment with bulky outerwear, wide belts, multiple shirts, and other accents. Expressing oneself is highly encouraged, so go ahead and have some fun.

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